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Increase in build success
Decrease in build times
Decrease in testing time
Decreased build time with M1 stack
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Bitrise has been instrumental in helping us run builds more efficiently, test new features before releasing them to millions of users, and ensure our users’ banking information stays secure.
Dama Damjanovic
Principal Engineer @ N26
Building on M1 machines is essential for us to optimize builds for Apple Silicon and run as many tests as we want. We can also easily integrate Bitrise with different platforms and use it in a variety of ways. It just works.
Matt Robinson
iOS Engineer @ Reddit
We are here to make sure that our mobile app scales the right way and this is where Bitrise comes in. We switched to Bitrise’s Gen2 machines last year and decreased our pipeline times by 50%.
Rémi Bouchez
Head Of Mobile Engineering @ Vestiaire Collective
Built for mobile

Fully-hosted mobile DevOps platform


Integrate with your code

  • Powerful remote build cache
  • Automate with the SCM of your choice
  • Run builds locally with the CLI
  • Scale and flex with our REST API
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Auto-trigger builds on PRs

  • Scalable cloud-based infrastructure
  • Remote build and dependency cache
  • Apple Silicon M1 & M1 Max machines
  • Trigger builds on PRs
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Automated testing

  • Unit, UI, and Snapshot testing
  • Flaky test detection
  • Real device/emulator/simulator
  • Test reports, Xcode, Gradle support
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Effortless deployment

  • Simplified code signing
  • Deploy to anywhere (Applivery, deployGate, Appaloosa…)
  • Deploy easily to test devices
  • Over-the-air distribution of artifacts
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Streamline releases

  • Gated releases for internal stakeholder approvals
  • Automatic Testflight deployment and beta group distribution
  • Easy connection with Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Straightforward Apple App Store review submission
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Remove bottlenecks with Bitrise Insights

  • Track build time and failure rate trends over time
  • Pinpoint (and fix) time consuming build failures, faster
  • Identify your most failing, slowing and flaky tests
  • Monitor frequency of failing builds
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Best-in-class build speeds

Utilize Bitrise's top-tier build machines and Bitrise Build Cache for speeds up to 20x faster than conventional CI workflows. With build workers and remote cache co-located within the same network, Bitrise virtually eliminates latency, ensuring streamlined access to cached data and consequently resulting in accelerated build speeds.

Build machines

Automated Code Signing

Connecting your Apple Developer Portal account to Bitrise will make you forget about manually updating your code signing files. We will manage the rest during build time and make sure that archiving and deployment is happening without any issues.

Code signing documentation

Masters of Efficiency

50+ recipes to accelerate your CI/CD workflows

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Customizable private or dedicated environments

Choose our Dedicated Build Platform for exclusive access to secure machines dedicated solely to your use, or opt for the Private Build Platform, offering custom configuration with a secure firewall and computing setup, enhanced by a site-to-site VPN.

Dedicated environments

Bitrise Build Cache

Accelerate build and test times with the Bitrise Build Cache. Our solution supports caching with Gradle and Bazel. By intelligently storing and reusing build and test results, you eliminate the need to start from scratch, reducing time to market, improving DevX, and optimizing CI/CD costs.

Mobile build caching

Xcode versions/betas available within 24 hours post-release

Access continuously refreshed VM images for all common mobile development use cases, and seamlessly transitioned with retained older versions. With new tool updates like Xcode delivered within 24 hours of release, you're equipped with the latest technology for your builds.

Bitrise Insights 

Steer clear of unwelcome surprises when building your mobile app. Get the data you need, when you need it, to pinpoint flaky tests and breaking builds earlier. Our CI/CD monitoring dashboard provides actionable insights, including build, test, build cache, and credit data. This empowers you to enhance efficiency by illuminating the root of your challenges, effectively unblocking your development pathway.

Bitrise Insights

Mobile-specific testing 

Unlike standard CI/CD web solutions, we are focussed on being mobile specific, which includes supporting your mobile-specific testing needs. Tests include UI, snapshot, screenshot testing and more.

Mobile testing

Mobile-app-developer-first focus

The only CI/CD platform that specializes in mobile development, providing tailored solutions, integrations, and a streamlined workflow that's optimized for mobile app developers.

Mobile DevOps

Automated Release Management

Automate tedious release management tasks, gain transparency across all release processes, and enjoy a single control center for both iOS and Android releases.

Release managment
Mobile Focus

Support for all major mobile platforms


Build faster, consistent iOS apps with iOS CI. Built for Swift, Objective-C, and the latest MacOS & Xcode versions.

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Build faster, stable Android apps with Android CI. Use Docker and Linux as you would on your own computer and run any custom script you want. Unlimited UI tests.

Android Platform Page →

React Native

Optimize and automate releases with Bitrise’s React Native-specific CI/CD solutions. Run two native apps in one workflow. Encrypted secrets.

React Native Platform Page →


Deploy to App Stores automatically using the Ionic SDK for mobile applications. Effortless dependency handling. Easily build Ionic CI/CD workflows.

Ionic Platform Page →


Build automated, consistent Flutter apps with Bitrise’s out-of-the-box support. Build for both Android and iOS. A single workflow for all platforms. 

Flutter Platform Page →


Deploy to App Stores automatically using the Cordova SDK for mobile applications. Effortless dependency handling. Easily build Cordova CI/CD workflows.

Cordova Platform Page →

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