Build Ionic apps with Bitrise

CI/CD for mobile applications built with the Ionic SDK.

Ionic specific solutions

Why Bitrise is the place to go for your Ionic apps?

Automatic project type detection

Whether your Ionic project contains both iOS and Android or just one of those, our project scanner automatically detects the platform/s and kickstarts your first build right away.

Effortless dependency handling

All your Javascript dependencies are taken care of with our Run npm command and Run yarn command Steps. Choose your favorite!

Building with ease

Use our Generate cordova build configuration Step to generate a build config file, and build for the respective platform/s with our Ionic Archive Step.

Strong community base

Be a part of our awesome community on our public Slack channel, or post your questions/ feedback on our Discuss site! If you need help, drop us a question through our Support Center, check out tutorials on our Youtube page, or visit our DevCenter for detailed guides.

Security with no compromise

Sit back and relax — your data is safe with us.

Secret environment variables

Secrets are encrypted, and are only visible during running builds, or if your settings allow them to be shown on the UI. Your credentials and API keys for connected services are safe with us.

Make secrets & files protected

You can set any secret env or file, such as provisioning profile, certificate, or keystore as protected. Protected secrets cannot be revealed on the UI and such files cannot be downloaded by anyone from your team.

Approval for pull request builds

Anyone can open a pull request from a fork in an open source project - but you might not want every single PR to start a build on Bitrise. Set up your app to require manual approval from owners or admins before starting a pull request build.

Continuous Integration for Ionic

Ionic dreams come true with us!

Two native apps in one workflow

Configure your Workflow to export iOS or Android builds, or both, all at once.

Full support for your native apps

There are dozens of iOS and Android Steps to choose from when it comes to building, testing and deploying your app. Explore them on our Integrations site.

Easy code signing for both platforms in one workflow

With automatic provisioning, the headache of iOS code signing becomes a thing of the past as our iOS Auto Provision Step downloads and generates the provisioning profiles for your project. When it comes to Android, our nifty Android Sign Step takes care of digitally signing your APK.

Full enterprise-ready feature set

We're ready to meet your enterprise's needs: easy team- and organization management, SAML Single Sign-On that supports most major identity providers, custom Enterprise plans with a fully customized build environment and Pay as you Build feature.

Continuous Deployment

We save you time by automating releases so you can focus on doing impactful & creative work

Deploy to testers

With our Deploy to Step you can easily share a public install link with testers so that they can install and test your app on their devices. If you wish to perform external testing, you can submit your app to App Store Connect (and distribute it with Testflight) and/or to Google Play Console with the Step.

Send your apps straight to the app stores

Deploy your app/s to the Google Play Store and/or to the App Store with our deploy Steps - the marketplace is just a few clicks away.

Deploy to third parties

We've got all of your favorite deployment services integrated to Bitrise, such as Amazon, Appaloosa, Fabric, App Center, Appetize, just to name a few.

The best Ionic integrations and add-ons

Integrating with all the tools you love and use for testing, distribution, and notification.

Karma Jasmine Test Runner

Runs karma-jasmine tests

Jasmine Test Runner

Runs jasmine tests

Ionic Archive

Generates builds for the requested platforms

Certificate and profile installer

Downloads and installs the Apple code signing certificates and provisioning profiles

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