Weekly Community Roundup: February 25 – March 4

Check out what has been happening in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome to another one of our community highlights, everyone! We had one exciting week: not only did we see buzz gathering about our upcoming trip to Tokyo, we’ve also been selected by TheNextWeb's Tech5 as one of the hottest scale-ups of Europe! With all the tweets and articles going around, we have plenty of cover this week — buckle up, people!

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week is actually one that we have already mentioned: TNW’s coverage of the Tech5 award. We want to express our gratitude, both for selecting us, and for writing about us. We're very excited about going to Amsterdam and meeting all the others who also received this honor — see you there, everyone!

Our next one is from no other than Joe Birch! Joe’s been at it again, and this time, he wrote a pretty thorough article about setting up a Flutter project through Bitrise on his blog. We really appreciate it — cheers, Joe!

The next piece comes from Loïc Griffié, who published an article on Medium about using iOS Framework, Bitrise, and CocoaPods together. Amazing job, Loïc!

Last but not least, Savvy Apps' Caleb Stultz wrote an in-depth guide about getting started with Bitrise for iOS. We saw a lot of reactions to this one, even a Reddit thread that made a lot of people interested in trying Bitrise out for themselves. Thanks for all the work you put into this, Caleb!

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet comes from Marc Palmer, who, after getting recommendations for Bitrise (as we’ve seen in last week’s roundup), has started using the platform, and, as he put it, found it “F A S T”. Glad you’re happy with it, Marc!

We really should just start doing a “Bitrise is the best” section. Simple, elegant, down to the point. Thanks, Takuji31!

Facu is another one of our fans who’s really satisfied with Bitrise - and so is Gonzalo Martin, who says we’re “one of the best, if not the best”. Recommendations like this mean the world to us — especially since others get to know just how awesome the platform is, like F0go did thanks to you. Thanks, the both of you — and happy building, F0go!

We have new people trying Bitrise every day, and we love to see their reactions. As it turns out, so was the case with Piyush, and he found Bitrise to be awesome. Cheers, Piyush!

Simon Martyr got a package this week! We’re really happy you like the swag we sent you, Simon. Thanks for sharing it (and again, awesome keyboard)!

Last but not least, John Estropia from Eureka invited everyone to join us at their meetup, which we'll be attending on the 28th of March, in Tokyo. A lot of other people shared their enthusiasm for the meetup as well — we’re really looking forward to seeing you all there!

That’s it for this week, folks! Don’t forget to post your own experiences with Bitrise this week, either — we’re always happy to see just how much fun you’re having. See you in a week with a brand-new edition of Weekly Community Roundup!

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