Use the same files for any builds

Add our new step to your workflow and reuse any files you upload to the app's generic file storage.

Add our new step to your workflow and reuse any files you upload to the app's generic file storage.

You can upload files to for any of your apps to its Generic file storage under the Workflow Editor's Code Signing tab. Each of these files will have a  unique download URL, for example: $BITRISEIO_TEST_FILE_URL. If you wanted to use this file during a build, you had to download it as all the builds run on clean, newly setup virtual machines. And here comes a new step to the rescue: add Generic File Storage (somewhere close) to the top of the workflow.

The new step will collect all the files uploaded to the specific step on by the user and the files will be made available under the $GENERIC_FILE_STORAGE path to the VM running the build.

The step will download all your files you uploaded into the Workflow Editor's generic file storage, and will keep their filenames under the $GENERIC_FILE_STORAGE path. So if you upload myconfig.ini to the generic file storage, then the step will download it and it will be available as $GENERIC_FILE_STORAGE/myconfig.ini.

Happy coding!

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