You are in good company!

We've spent the last few weeks talking to our customers and now we're starting to share their stories one by one. Read how and why they use Bitrise, what challenges they were facing and how they solved them with Bitrise.

Today, we're launching a fully revamped Bitrise Customer Story Center. See who else is building on Bitrise in this growing lexicon of awesome 🚀

If you're reading this, you're probably a mobile app developer using Bitrise: Hi! 👋

You also probably realise you're not alone. Over the coming weeks and months we're going to regularly spotlight those developers contributing to-, talking about- and building awesome Open Source projects on- Bitrise. In addition to those upcoming spotlights on the Bitrise blog and social channels, today we're launching a completely revamped Bitrise Customer Story Center (our long-winded way of saying it's a place where we'll share stories about awesome companies that use Bitrise for their mobile development process).

Bitrise Customer Success Story screenshot

Welcome to Cheddar and Traveloka

Initially, we converted those customer stories that were already published on the website. Among other gems, you'll find this timeless quote from Chris Jones at Prolific Interactive:

"Bitrise is great! After some setup, I barely interact with it at all, which is probably the best compliment I could give a CI server."

Together with Prolific, the experiences shared by Appaloosa and Mapbox also made the jump to this new hub, where they are joined by two brand-spanking new stories by some very familiar names:

Cheddar and Bitrise

In the new Cheddar Customer Story, we talk to Cheddar CTO Ross Cooperman about this "post-cable news, media, and entertainment company" and the great mobile experience they deliver using Bitrise. Cheddar does some very cool things with the (tired, old) business cable news format, so definitely check that out. You'll also find link to a current opening in Ross' team over in NYC.

Traveloka and Bitrise

Unicorns build on Bitrise 🦄 Traveloka is the first of these billion dollar startups to share their story in our customer success center.

In the new Traveloka Customer Story, we hear from engineers David Christiandy and Fery Christensen as they explain how Bitrise allows them to easily onboard new people. A massive benefit for a company that was founded in 2012 and now has a 2.000 person headcount, with new team-members joining continuously. They too have some openings to share, so check out their story if you're looking to join this rising star in Asia-Pacific.

Navigating through the stories

As the Customer Story Center grows, we have a few different ways to navigate the different companies represented there. Select the platform being built for, the main geographic region they're active in or the company's size and we'll show you those stories that are most relevant. As more stories are published, we'll also activate sorting by category, which allows you to easily find examples of entertainment companies, on-demand mobile startups, fitness and health companies or a range of other types of developers.

Being featured in the Bitrise Customer Story Center

From today on, we'll regularly release new customer stories to the center. We have about a dozen or so in the pipeline, but we're also very eager to hear from you: Does your company do something interesting with Bitrise and would you like to share your story? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll have our intrepid reporter Anna Batki be in touch.

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