Weekly Community Roundup: September 4 – 11

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community!

Welcome back, everyone! This week we’re going to officially dub “The Week of the Swag”. iOSDC created a huge buzz, and so did our new posters, stickers, pins, and all the other goodies we brought. Get ready for some amazing pictures!

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from t0m0120, and is about running ReactNative's (Android) EspressoUITest on Bitrise (in Japanese). Thanks for writing this, t0m0120.

BitriseでReactNativeのEspressoUITestを走らせてみた話(Android編 on @Qiita https://t.co/YZMOc6ZrZd— T.t0m0120 (@t0m0120) September 4, 2019

Kenkono’s on a roll! Third week in a row, that’s pretty impressive — this time, he wrote a guide about running multiple workflows simultaneously (in Japanese). Great job, Kenkono — thanks for yet another great article!

Next up, we have a piece titled “What Makes Bitrise, CodePush and React Native the Best Choices for Mobile CI Setup?” from Chandresh Patel over at Bacancy Technology. Amazing work, Chandresh — thanks for putting this together.

What Makes Bitrise, CodePush and React Native the Best Choices for Mobile CI Setup?#ReactNative #MobileCI #CodePush #NewBloghttps://t.co/CcU5ak7KOJ pic.twitter.com/0mk7fSsD5z— Bacancy Technology (@BacancyTech) September 5, 2019

We also saw two snippets from wada811, one about downloading bitrise.yml, and one about uploading it (in Japanese). Don’t worry about not making it in time for the summer program, wada811 — we’re inviting all of our Japanese writers to the Writers’ Program, where you can continue to get rewards and other benefits for your pieces. Hoping to see you there!

bitrise.yml を Bitrise API でアップロードする · Issue #33 · wada811/blog https://t.co/yoOh6Yo9Jg これで #BitriseJP の夏のブログキャンペーンの2本目の記事ですが、残念ながら間に合いませんでした— wada811 (@wada811) September 5, 2019

Next up is a great summary of our second Bitrise User Group (BUG) from Sasakawa (in Japanese). We’re so happy you liked the meetup so much, and wanted to thank you for putting all of this down — hope to see you again soon.

Bitrise meetup参加してみてのブログ記事書きました!

#bitrise_meetup— 笹のり (@sasa_nss_app) September 5, 2019

Tatsuya Tanaka also wrote a piece about us this week, more specifically, about running iOS Swift Package project tests with commands (in Japanese). Amazing work — thanks for sharing this.

#iosdc #a 自分はBitriseでSwift Package ManagerのiOSプロジェクトのテスト動かす時はこうやってますhttps://t.co/rSMg3TTCBL— たなたつ (@tanakasan2525) September 7, 2019

We also have a deck to share from over last week, coming straight from our second BUG: give it up for Nobuhiro Ito, who held a talk about building MacOS apps with Bitrise. Thanks for your work, Nobuhiro!

BitriseでmacOSアプリをビルドする / Build macOS apps with Bitrise - Speaker Deck https://t.co/86J1cG4O5z— フォクすけ (@nerubesa) September 3, 2019

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet comes from PenginSan0927, who is just moving to Bitrise from another solution. We’re glad to have you on board — if you have any questions, we're always happy to help.

上期目標Jenkins→Bitrise移行がんばる💪 あとfastlaneも使う💪— 真雪 (@penginSan0927) September 4, 2019

Next up is a tweet from Vochicong, according to whom, CI/CD for iOS seems way easier with Bitrise. That’s great to hear, Vochicong — we wish you many green builds to come.

Bitriseで iOSアプリのCI/CDが楽になりそう @bitrise account now: https://t.co/Ywop4VylTO— vochicong (@vochicong) September 5, 2019

Our next two tweets come from Adam Henry, who not only shared a great picture of some of the goodies we had over at iOSDC, he also praised us for our swag game, saying it’s on point as always. Thanks for the kind words — hope you had a blast!

Got some @bitrise swag and put some of Chatwork stuff next to it🤗 #iosdc pic.twitter.com/vY9C1jaBzg— Adam Henry (アダムヘンリー) (@monolithic_adam) September 5, 2019
As always the @bitrise @BitriseJ team’s swag game is one point! 🔥 #iosdc— Adam Henry (アダムヘンリー) (@monolithic_adam) September 5, 2019

Next, we have a tweet from shiba1014, who posted a lovely picture of one of our previous posters on her bedside wall, while also longing for one of our new, iOSDC ones to accompany it. We might be able to help with that, shiba1014 — keep an eye out for any giveaways we might be holding here, as we have a few posters left over from the event.

家に貼ってあるBitriseのポスター、このキラキラしてるやつにしたい!誰か貰ってきてくれませんか👋 #iosdc https://t.co/0cbvUeYZFd pic.twitter.com/LZLyfqAGX4— ハシバサツキ (@shiba1014_) September 5, 2019

Gaikitan and Suzuken1014 also shared a some pictures of our Tokyo swag — more specifically, of our “I know Bitrise Ojisan” t-shirt that they just got. We’re happy you joined us at iOSDC, folks. See you soon!

新しいbitriseシャツを手に入れた!#iosdc pic.twitter.com/Hvnkp4BfUT— がいぽい (@gaikitan) September 6, 2019
Bitriseの人にTシャツもらったー#Bitrise #iosdc pic.twitter.com/PqP5AZRcfr— SuzuKen (@Suzuken1014) September 6, 2019

Here comes one of this week’s biggest stars, the sparkly poster! Thanks for sharing this, Engyokun, and thanks for visiting us at the conference.

#iOSDC Got a poster from Bitrise 🤖 pic.twitter.com/okdcfXYD5P— えんぎょくん (@Engyokun) September 6, 2019

We might have been told a couple of times by now that our swag is pretty darn cute, but this has got to be the first time we got that about our business cards! We’re really happy you think so, Hcrane14!

Bitriseさんからもらったノベルティも可愛いし、頂いた名刺も可愛かった#iosdc #Bitrise pic.twitter.com/Dz5z6m50p8— h_crane(くれいん)@技術書店 あ08C (@hcrane14) September 6, 2019

Swag tweets, everywhere! Kage_Miku posted a picture of two of our lovely stickers, and said our novelty sense is “unique”. A couple more of these, and we’ll start blushing!

bitriseのこの独特のノベルティセンスなんなんだ pic.twitter.com/Jt8LOnduCS— 技術書典7 う04Cです。 (@kage_miku) September 6, 2019

Our next two comes from Yaginier, who was really excited both for our posters as well as our t-shirts. We hope you had a great time there!

iOSDCでbitriseのキラキラでKAWAIIポスターをゲッチュしたので家に飾りたいんだよな〜〜〜〜。すっごいキラキラでかわいいんじゃ。— やぎにい@技術書典7 い09C 🐔鳥のささみ🐔 (@yaginier) September 7, 2019
bitriseのTシャツめっちゃかわいい。— やぎにい@技術書典7 い09C 🐔鳥のささみ🐔 (@yaginier) September 7, 2019

Next up, we have a simple but powerful tweet from Koooootake: “Bitrise is indespensable”. To hear something like that means a lot to us — keep up the good work, and thank you!

Bitriseはなくてはならない存在に#iosdc— じんむ (@koooootake) September 7, 2019

Next up is mist_dev, who “enjoyed dancing with us” — we glad this dance was ours, and hope we made a great impression!

Bitriseの方と踊れた(というか、勝手に真似してたw)の楽しかったなあ〜💃 #iosdc— あいさか (@mist_dev) September 5, 2019

Here’s another pair of pictures, this time, about our brand-new pins! We’re happy to say they were a huge success. Thanks, 496_ and mary_mymai, for sharing these.

Bitriseバッジを手に入れた。#iosdc pic.twitter.com/wCvQpDBY7m— 四九六々(縦書き用) (@496_) September 7, 2019
#bitrise さん、
pic.twitter.com/xG5uY5of7P— 舞々@mary (@mary_Mymai) September 7, 2019

This next one is not only a pin picture, but also one that has our new, special Sakura stickers! We’re glad you like them so much, Koogawa.

bitrise ステッカー&ピンバッジありがとうございました! #iosdc @BitriseJ https://t.co/EsCAPwrEYP pic.twitter.com/OPkQ9rTbDU— Kosuke Ogawa☁アルエンジニア☁宮崎 (@koogawa) September 7, 2019

Looks like everything’s A-OK with andooown_dev’s fridge tests. We hope whatever you were building in there turned out great!

冷蔵庫のテスト通った #bitrise pic.twitter.com/gJACnSZS3N— あんどー。 (@andooown_dev) September 7, 2019

We saw another great picture, this time, from our session at iOSDC, shared by Etaste. Happy to hear you like what we have planned for the future, folks.

【iOSDC Japan 2019 Day3】



#iosdc#bitrise@iosdcjp @BitriseJ pic.twitter.com/lQzNTCneZf— 【公式】ETASTE @熊本大学発スタートアップ (@etaste_com) September 7, 2019

66nylon_y also shared a pretty interesting poster compilation — that’s 2 Bitrise posters right there! We’re sure you’ll have the chance to get a few more, though.

pic.twitter.com/BxZeM66ZS3— ろく🐉 (@66nylon_y) September 8, 2019

Our last tweet of the week is a bit out there — but we love it, even more so because of that. We wanted to thank you for your words, Drew. It’s always nice to hear compliments, but this one really hit the spot.

Bitrise is a god damned godsend, because I don't have to wait 30 fucking minutes for staging builds.— Drew Simmons (@NeoOfTheDark) September 10, 2019

That’s it for this week’s roundup, everyone. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or submit an article to our Writers' Program, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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