Weekly Community Roundup: March 18–25

Check out what's been happening in the Bitrise community this week!

It's time for our next Weekly Community Roundup! The week of try!Swift came and went, and while we’re still in Tokyo, we already saw some great conversations going around about Bitrise. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening this week.

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from Nozomi Ito, who wrote a piece about CI & Automated Testing of iOS Apps with Bitrise and Magic Pod. Thanks, Nozomi!

We were mentioned in the Awesome Swift Newsletter, too, regarding our article about “The power of continuous delivery for iOS apps” by John Sundell. Thanks for the mention!

Koji Wakamiya also shared his deck from the Flutter meetup that was held in Tokyo on the 17th of March. Cheers!

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from Corey, who talked about just how great it is to integrate the MyAniList app with Bitrise — especially thanks to the awesome Slack messages they can get when a test passes. Cheers, Corey!

Next up, we have a tweet from Suzu, who thinks Bitrise is the easiest CI to use for iOS. Thanks, Suzu!

We also saw a tweet from Adam Henry, right from try!Swift. As he put it, “Best CI hands down” — we’re so happy you think so, and that you met our awesome peeps at try!Swift!

T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts! Tamadon’s tweet seems to be true for the entire week - the new Bitrise t-shirt was one of the biggest topics of the past few days. Thanks to everyone who shared their fascination with them, including opaque_ice, rikusouda, nun_, papannda444, and marina10172013! 🙏

今日のトピックはBitrise Tシャツ着てったら「nice shirt 👍」ってBitriseブースの人に言われて握手したところですね #trysiwftconf— tamadon (@tamadon3776) March 22, 2019
bitrise 博学おじさんTシャツが素敵だった…。#tryswiftconf— 水飴 (@opaque_ice) March 21, 2019
bitrise博学おじさん #tryswiftconf pic.twitter.com/L3KOFkgWtZ— りくそうだ (@rikusouda) March 21, 2019
bitriseさんのTシャツ、よくわからんがわかってるかんじすごい 着よ
#tryswiftconf pic.twitter.com/4hcOfohZZo— ヌン 👾 (@nun_) March 21, 2019
Bitriseさんのブースでシャツ貰ったけど、全然英語話せなくて辛くなった。 swiftと一緒に勉強しよう。— ぱぱんだ@🍨🍨🍨 (@papannda444) March 22, 2019

ありがとう bitriseの方!

#tryswiftconf pic.twitter.com/fUlf4QCLvA— まりーな (@marina10172013) March 21, 2019

...and safe to say, 'Uncle Bitrise' was a hit!

Bitrise博学おじさん supports about Bitrise #tryswiftcof pic.twitter.com/gh6oH2Xpzu— のんちゃん@技術書展6 け06 (@nonchalant0303) March 23, 2019

Last year’s t-shirt got some love too. Give it up for K191k, who thought it’s still “Super KAWAII”!

超進化!!! Super KAWAII!!!!! #tryswiftconf #bitrise pic.twitter.com/hIM9XY7lf0— アマゾネスいけばた (@k191k) March 22, 2019

Our other big hit at try!Swift was our brand new Bitrise/Swift poster, which was made by the incredibly talented Rariatoo — thanks for this amazing piece of art! We are really happy so many people liked it! 🎉

東京で開催される #tryswiftconf@tryswiftconf】というカンファレンスにてbitrise社さん【@bitrise】【@BitriseJ】にてこちらのポスターイラストを描かせて頂きました~!。現地にはいませんがもし見かけたら「あ、あのイラストは…」と思って見て頂ければ幸いです! pic.twitter.com/iIE3rEzjS7— ラリアット (@rariatoo) March 21, 2019
#tryswiftconf— ああうえ (@_kwzr_) March 21, 2019
勢いでbitriseのポスター貰ってしまったわ#tryswiftconf— hiroki kumamoto (@kumabook) March 21, 2019
めちゃくちゃカタコトで喋ったけど優しく対応してくれた🤣— kobaken (@koba_dog_)
March 21, 2019
Bitriseのポスター、息子のテンションがあがって貰って良かった。普通にポスターとしてかわいい pic.twitter.com/nCgbDmUi6W— Daiki Matsumoto (@daikimat) March 22, 2019

To be fair, some people also thought it was a bit strange — but even so, it's still pretty cool, right, Bsubtilis? 😉

Bitriseの人がくれたポスターマジで邪魔なんだけどクールだって言ってしまったので仕方ない— それはそう 診断書 マイル iDeCo (@Bsubtilis) March 21, 2019

We brought a ton of other swag as well and users seemed to be quite appreciative. Thanks for sharing, Crea!

#tryswiftconf 中の人dopeな nice dudeだった、bitriseは最高はっきりわかんだね pic.twitter.com/1LnqYqByDD— crea (@crea_io) March 22, 2019

We saw a tweet from Marina10172013 as well, who says that he always uses Bitrise, mainly thanks to its easy-to-use nature. Thanks for the kind words!

拙い英語で話しかけたら ちゃんと聞いてくれたし、シャツまで頂いてしまった...


こういう時自由に英語が使えたら…ってなる— まりーな (@marina10172013)
March 21, 2019

66nylon_y was there at try!Swift as well, and had a great conversation with our delegation there — we want to thank you, as well as everyone else who came!

#trysiwftconf— ろく (@66nylon_y) March 22, 2019

DeNA's Tamaclaw shared a photo and an experience. While discussing developer relations, we went into how we approach conferences and customer visits: we believe that — as long as we're the best place for mobile CI/CD, you will use Bitrise and tell other developers about it. Our job is to make sure we stay the best place. To help us do that, we come to you and talk. Apparently, this struck a cord with Tamaclaw and we're happy he shared it. Thanks!

@bitrise の皆さんと記念撮影。今回60人いる全社員のうち5名が日本に来たらしく、その全員とお会いできました。次は夏ぐらいに CEO の人も一緒に来たいとか言ってたのでまた半年後に会いましょう! @HHaandr @ViktorBenei pic.twitter.com/YpUOAb2VlC— tamaclaw (@tamaclaw) March 22, 2019
@bitrise@HHaandr と話し「何で日本に来てるの?ユーザー増やしたいの?」と聞いたら「11月の来日で沢山ユーザーさん増え嬉しかったが、本当はサービスの使いにくい点を言える関係値を沢山築きたい。お客さんの声を一番聞き一番改善してるサービスでありたい」と聞き感動した。その考え方ステキ!— tamaclaw (@tamaclaw) March 22, 2019

Last but not least, we want to give a huge shoutout to Burakon, one of the folks that helped organize this amazing event. Thanks for everything!

🙌🙌🙌🌈🌈🌈#tryswiftconf #bitrise #博学おじさん pic.twitter.com/yknkOv2c9M— burakon👩‍💻try!Swift tokyo organizer (@burakon) March 24, 2019

We’ll end this week with a pretty strong message — quoting Piyush on this: "try Bitrise"! As always — thanks for the recommendation, Piyush!

Also Try @bitrise . It's cool.— Piyush (@kidaa007) March 22, 2019

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about everyone else — thank you all for mentioning us this week, in any way, shape, or form!

🚀@yukit333 🚀

🚀@ktanaka117 🚀

🚀@GarantieWeb 🚀

🚀@APMdigest 🚀

🚀@opp_hatena 🚀

🚀@entaku19890818 🚀

🚀@AlexSamnas 🚀

🚀@KazaKago 🚀

🚀@fijiaaron 🚀

🚀@rikusouda 🚀

🚀@naokinkfj 🚀

That’s it for this week, folks! Thanks again for tuning in for our community roundup, and be sure to do so next week as well — we’ll have all the remaining Japanese highlights from our visit, as well as whatever happens this week — including your tweets! See you soon!

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