Weekly Community Roundup: January 14–21

Check out who has been talking about Bitrise in this week's community highlights!

It always warms our hearts to see people talk about Bitrise. Whether it’s a new integration someone created, an article about the platform, or simply a tweet of endearment, we always appreciate when you take the time to write about us. With this in mind, we thought we’d share this week’s community highlights with you — let’s see what’s been going on!

Tweets of the week

Our first shoutout goes out to Knoware — thanks for sharing your progress with us! We’re happy to see just how much fun you’re having with Bitrise. 🎉

JumboOrNot, one of our Japanese followers, shared a Tweet in response to our Tokyo trip announcement, welcoming us back to town. Thanks, JumboOrNot — we hope to see you there! 👋

Next up is Louis-Gabriel Zaïti. We’re thrilled to have people who are so passionate about our platform, and we are always up for ideas such as this. As for all our users in France: follow Louis-Gabriel on Twitter for more updates about this potential meetup! 🇫🇷

Last but not least is another one of our Japanese fans, Ojika, who thinks Purr Request is cute as heck. Ojika, you spoke from our hearts — if you like the cat, be sure to check out our blog post about the amazing new designs Bitrise rolled out last summer! 🐈

Bitrise integrations, plugins, and more

This week, we saw the release of an unofficial Bitrise macOS client by Deszip, called Bitbot. We appreciate you spending your winter break coming up with this, Deszip — we love it!

We also have a Fastlane plugin for Bitrise developed by Robin Authiat. It turned out awesome, Robin. Thank you for all the work you put into this!

Send Microsoft Teams message, a step created by Maguhiro, was released this week as well. If you're interested in using it, make sure you also check out Maguhiro's piece (in Japanese) about setting it up!

Forum posts

As our last highlight today, we have a Reddit post in /r/iOSProgramming about ways people are pushing updates during development. A special thanks goes to Sprottee, who mentioned us during this discussion. If you also use Bitrise for pushing your updates, feel free to join the conversation, and leave a comment below the post.

That’s it for now, folks! We’ll be back with more community highlights next week, so be sure to mention us in your app development or Bitrise-specific posts on any kind of social media, and you might just see yourself here. 🚀

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