Weekly Community Roundup: February 4–11

Read on to find out what has been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

What a doozy! Tweet upon tweet, article upon article — Bitrise was quite popular this week! We were able to reach many amazing developers thanks to DroidKaigi, and got featured in multiple articles as well. We love hearing about how much you enjoy using Bitrise, so without further ado, let's dive in!

Tweets of the week

We’ll start out this week with a tweet from Bence Bertalan, who expressed his admiration for the Bitrise design. We’re happy you like it, Bence — thank you!

Next up is Kwzr, a Japanese developer, who just started using Bitrise for a personal project. We're glad you're enjoying the platform, Kwzr!

Kesin11 wrote quite the tweet about how easily understandable Bitrise is, and how much he recommends it. Amazing stuff, thanks for the recommendation!

Sometimes, even a few words can express just how much you adore something. Consomme72 thinks Bitrise is awesome, and we’re glad to hear it. Back at you, Consomme72!

As it turns out, Bitrise was quite popular at DroidKaigi. Hironytic thinks so as well — we are happy to have made such an impression!

The folks at BowyerApp were one of the many who tried Bitrise over the week, and loved it. Welcome on board, BowyerApp!

Juhani Lehtimäki, Vladimir Ivanov, and Joaquim Ley all shared an amazing conversation about Bitrise. Here’s what they had to say:

Low demands thanks to the GUI, no need for YAML inclusion in the repository, and certificate support right off the bat — these are the benefits Kako_351 emphasized when talking about Bitrise. Thanks for the kind words, Kako_351!

In response to our State of App Development 2018 post, Raphaël Mina tweeted out how happy he was to about us mentioning self-hosted Gitlab providers, seeing as he is working on AppsoluteSARL, one of its main examples. Keep up the good work, Raphaël!

That’s not all, of course. We would like to dedicate this section to all the people who mentioned or talked about us in any way during the week — we feel fortunate to have reached so many of you, and to be discussed by so many amazing developers. Special thanks go out to:




🎉@rjstelling 🎉

🎉@tamadon3776 🎉











Articles of the week

We also saw quite a lot of publications about Bitrise this week. We had two newsletter mentions, one from Flutter Weekly, and one from iOS Lib Weekly News — thank you for including us, it means a lot!

We were also mentioned in RMDY’s first Tech Dive article of the year, having been included in their periodical tech learning workshop. Good stuff, folks!

Last but not least, we also had three Qiita articles concerning Bitrise. The first one, by Kentaro Kawakami, is about building Kotlin/Native projects through Bitrise. The second one, written by Yukihiro Uekama, is about updating Bitrise’s Code Signing settings after updating an application’s iOS Distribution Certificate. The third one, written by Yosuke Fukazawa, is a guide about running the iOS application UI test (XCUITest) on Bitrise. Thank you all for these amazing pieces, which will undoubtedly help many others with having the best experience with Bitrise!

Goodies of the week

We're sure you're aware of the (many) curated lists of developer tools and goodies on GitHub. Last week, Bitrise made its way onto four of them: a list of all the best Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more, one about SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev, a list of companies that offer their services for free to Open Source projects, and one with a comprehensive list of CI solutions. Know of any other lists Bitrise should be on? Let us know, or create your own pull requests to add us!

That wraps up this week’s Weekly Community Roundup, folks. Thank you all for tuning in yet again — happy building, and see you all next week!

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