Weekly Community Roundup: February 18 – 25

Check out what has been happening in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome back to our Weekly Community, Roundup, everyone! This week, we saw a great number of tweets and engagements, as well as plenty of newfound fans thanks to CICD Test Night and RNStartup, two meetups in Japan. Let’s see what’s been going on!

Article of the week

Our article of the week is titled Using AppTest.ai in Bitrise (in Japanese), and was written by Hyun Jin Park for Medium. The article has in-depth information accompanied with animated how-tos on many of the involved steps. Thanks for this amazing piece, Hyun!

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from Azarashi1299, who shared just how well Bitrise works for iOS app development. Thanks you for the kind words!

Next up, we have a tweet from Andrei Lesnitsky, who just set up Bitrise for his Flutter project, and says it works absolutely perfectly. We’re happy to be of service, Andrei — thank you for the kind words!

We also saw a tweet from Monsterboi, who also just started using Bitrise, and was amazed by the results after setting it up for both of his apps. It’s really nice to see just how much we can help people — thank you for sharing this, Monsterboi!

Just finished setting up @bitrise workflows for both of the apps I'm working on.


wow guys, like who comes out with tooling like this?— `${monsterboi}` (@_monsterboi)
February 21, 2019

Ethan also shared his satisfaction with Bitrise in response to a tweet by Marc Palmer about where to go after Travis CI. Thanks for recommending us, Ethan!

Craig Russel was another one of our fans who recommended us to Valentin Hinov as a replacement for Travis CI. Thanks, Craig!

Bitrise. I'm a big fan of it.— Craig Russell (@trionkidnapper) February 23, 2019

Mattias Karlsson also joined in on the conversation, explaining how you can basically build anything through Bitrise. Thanks, Mattias — we appreciate it!

Bitrise can build anything, you can even use custom build containers for the linux builds if you want.— Mattias Karlsson (@devlead) February 23, 2019

Old_hagww tweeted from CICD Test Night about how cheap he thought Bitrise's pricing model is, as well as his fascination with our fast responses to new Xcode versions. Cheers!

#cicd_test_night— 荻野もこ (@Old_hagwww) February 21, 2019

Kariad_uu thought Bitrise's UI is simply adorable. We're glad you like it, Kariad_uu!

BitriseのUIがかわいい、わかる #cicd_test_night— kariad/かりあど@技術書典6-け11 (@kariad_uu) February 21, 2019

Next up, we have a tweet from Agis Tsaraboulidis, who uses Bitrise on a daily basis, and thinks it’s an amazing tool. Thanks, Agis — we’re really glad you like it so much!

@bitrise CLI is such a fantastic tool. Use it on a daily basis to check how my tests are gonna look like when I push the changes.— Agis Tsaraboulidis (@agisilaosts) February 23, 2019

We were also recommended to Rubynerd as the best alternative for Buddybuild by Maria Neumayer - cheers, Maria!

bitrise!— Maria Neumayer (@marianeum) February 23, 2019

Tkow39 also tweeted from CICD Test Night, saying that Bitrise has a great image. Thanks for the kind words!

[email protected]沈黙のエンジニアリング (@tkow39) February 21, 2019

Naturalclar tweeted about Bitrise from RNStartup, saying that the platform is both fun and convenient. Thanks, Naturalclar!

BitriseはUIが楽しい #RNStartup— Naturalclar (@natural_clar) February 21, 2019
Bitriseは react-native init で作成したアプリのビルド周りのめんどい設定をよしなに行ってくれるので便利
expo 使っているとそこまで必要ないのかも?
#rnstartup— Naturalclar (@natural_clar) February 21, 2019

We also saw a conversation in which both Rafael Ferreira and our good friend Joe Birch replied to Niel de la Rouviere, explaining just how awesome Bitrise is, and how they’re using it. Thanks, the both of you!

Yup! We have fully automated scheduled builds setup on Android. So every set day (e.g on a Wednesday) bitrise builds, signs, uploads and releases the chosen Branch to the desired track (production / beta)— Joe Birch (@hitherejoe) February 24, 2019
Fastlane + Bitrise = What you are looking for— Rafael Ferreira (@RafaelPlantard) February 24, 2019

We were also mentioned by CocoaHeads Montréal, whose Feburary meetup included a topic on the benefits of using Bitrise. We’re really grateful for being featured like this — thank you!

Our February event is this Thursday

Hosted by Carebook, the topics will cover
* Why should you use
@bitrise & @SonarQube;
* Learn about Language Server Protocol.

February 21st; RSVP @
https://t.co/vwqCMw9smB— CocoaHeads Montréal (@cocoaheadsmtl) February 18, 2019

The announcement for Flutter Meetup Tokyo #8 went live as well, which we will be attending as a part of our trip to Japan — hope to see you there!

Flutter Meetup Tokyo #8 を公開しました。3月26日(火)に株式会社ナビタイムジャパン様での開催です。Bitrise 社 CTO の Viktor Benei さんによる Bitrise の Flutter サポートについての登壇を予定しています。ぜひご参加ください。https://t.co/jlvMrJz0hO#flutter_meetup_tokyo— Flutter Tokyo (@FlutterTokyo) February 22, 2019

While it’s still a little ways down the road, try! Swift NYC also shared its upcoming event in September, with special thanks to early supporters - amongst which is Bitrise! Like they said - save the date, and stay tuned for more information about this and other conventions we’ll be attending in the future!

🎉 Save the date 🎉try! Swift is back on in #NYC on September 9th & 10th, with workshops on September 8th. Thx @IBM @bitrise @jetbrains for your early support. Interested in sponsoring or speaking? More details here https://t.co/qBlx73BK6Q #swiftlang #iosdev #iOS 🐥❤️🗽 pic.twitter.com/ieW2vsAU4x— try! Swift NYC (@tryswiftnyc) February 20, 2019

Before we conclude this week's community highlights, we want to express our deepest gratitude towards Satoru Nakamura, Kazumasa Kawazure, and Rockname, who held presentations about Bitrise at this week's meetups. We appreciate you taking the time to talk about Bitrise, and help us reach as many people as possible!

Finally, as our last piece of content today, we have a list of all the people who mentioned us this week, including those at CICD Test Night and React Native Startup. Thank you for your feedback, mentions, and all those kind words, everyone - and of course, we hope to see you next week as well, in our next Weekly Community Roundup!






















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