Weekly Community Roundup: April 23–29

Check out what's been going on this week in the Bitrise community!

Welcome back to another round of our weekly highlights, everyone! We saw quite a number of tweets in this past week, including some great feedback and recommendations for our platform. Let’s take a look at everything that's been going on, shall we?

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week is a follow-up from last week: Narlei Moreira shared a photo of the The Developer’s Conference, during which he held a talk about using Bitrise. We’re glad to see it went well, Narlei.

Next up, we have a tweet from Chris Leigh Smith, who just started using Bitrise, and thinks it's “super fast”. We’re happy to have you on board, Chris. Happy building!

Sometimes, things go wrong — there’s no way around it, and it happens to even the best of us. Even when that’s the case, however, we are fortunate enough to have fans who manage to see the bright side of it all: so it was with Norinori_oka and the “cool design” of our internal server error page. We're glad you like it, Norinori_oka — we'll try our best not to have to show it to you again anytime soon, though.

We also saw a tweet from Monzou, who talked about end-of-the-month payments, amongst which Bitrise stood out as one that is “extremely inexpensive”. We’re glad to be of service, and hope you’re having a great time with the platform, Monzou.

Next, we have a tweet from Michael Ehleben, who switched to Bitrise after meeting us at trySwift! Tokyo. He shared how great an experience he’s had with us so far, and he’s not alone — Jon Bauer replied to Michael’s post, saying he’s done the same and that he’s very impressed. Thanks for sharing, the both of you — we’re always happy to hear how much fun people are having with Bitrise.

Michael Leatherbury was another one of our users who shared his admiration for Bitrise this week, in the form of a recommendation over another CI solution. Cheers, Michael!

We have some swag-related content this week as well: take a look at the awesome gift package Atsushi found in the mail! Thanks for sharing, Atsushi — we’re glad you like it.

Next up, we have a tweet from Vixentael, who shared a nice easter egg she found in our project role settings. Nice catch, Vixentael!

We also saw a tweet from Naoki85, who talked about how awesome it is that we have a free plan. Thanks for the shoutout, Naoki85.

Last but not least, we saw a situation from Craig Russell that made us smile. Sometimes, these things do happen, but Bitrise is always there to make sure everything's alright. As Kosh Sergani put it in a reply to Craig's tweet, "Bitrise, such an amazing tool". We're happy you think so, folks. Thanks for sharing this!

As always, we want to thank everyone else who talked about Bitrise this week. We appreciate it, and hope you have a great time using the platform!


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🎉@bramus 🎉

That's it for this week, everyone. Make sure you tune in next week for another one of our Weekly Community Roundups, with many more of the best mentions and articles from throughout the week.

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