Weekly Community Roundup: April 1–8

Check out what's been happening this week in the Bitrise community!

Welcome back to another one of our Weekly Community Roundups, everyone! We started this week with a bang: our new wave of Bitrise tutorial videos hit the internet, with a little bit of extra twist (may contain a fair bit more whispering than what you might expect). In the rest of the week, we saw tons and tons of tweets, with an even higher amount of recommendations for Bitrise than usual — something we're really happy about. Let's take a look at everything that's been going on!

Articles of the week

We saw two Bitrise-related articles this week: one from Sakamoto Hiroshi about automating release note creation in Bitrise (in Japanese), and one from Nicolas Hodicq about setting up a Flutter application with Bitrise. Thank you both for your amazing work, and thanks for sharing.

Tweets of the week

Our first tweets of the week are newcomer tweets — ones from users who just started using the platform. Our thanks go out to both Watanave and Wknar. We’re always happy to hear about our users’ projects, so keep us posted on how they turned out!

Next up, we have a tweet from Kungfukenny, whose life “Bitrise has made … so much simpler”. We’re always happy to hear just how much we can help fellow devs, so we wanted to thank you for your kind words.

Our next tweet comes from Riz_107, who shared his progress on Bitrise, and commented that everything is going super fast. Cheers!

We also saw some more love for the Unicum we brought over to Tokyo — Toshihiro Suzuki was so fascinated with it, he shared some background and fun facts for the drink. Bottoms up, Toshihiro!

Next up, we have a tweet from Kameike, who shared how easy moving to Xcode 10.2 and Swift5 was. We’re happy you’re enjoying Bitrise, Kameike.

T. Takanishi also shared his love for Bitrise, and said that not only is it the best, the free plan is really handy for a lot of developers. We’re really glad we’re able to help.

Due to certain changes in the mobile CI/CD market, we’re seeing quite a lot of people thinking about switching to Bitrise. We welcome any and all devs who are interested in trying Bitrise, and hope that we can help you with all your mobile CI/CD needs.

Kou shared an amazing fact this week — the time he spends with CI has halved since he started using Bitrise. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kou — and we’re really happy your projects are going so well.

Next up, we have a tweet from Yusuke Kita, our highlighted contributor of the month. Yusuke tweeted in reaction to the Hall of Fame article, saying that he loves how Bitrise takes care of its community. Thank you again for taking the time to do the interview with us, Yusuke — and thanks for the kind words.

Our next two tweets come from Constantin Jacob and Mono, who were kind enough to recommend our list of open positions to people on the internet, especially now that we’ve started hiring remotely as well. Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for your kind words, Constantin.

Next up, we have a series of tweets in regards to a question Pedro Piñera had. Pedro was looking for a mobile CI solution that has a free starter plan, and Frederik Wallner, Mateusz Matrejek, Kendell Patrice, and Kaden Wilkinson all came to the rescue, recommending Bitrise. It warms our hearts to see how many of our fans are this happy to recommend us to others. Thanks, folks — and we hope you have a good time, Pedro.

Thanks Kaden! I’m giving it a try— Pedro Piñera (@pepibumur) April 6, 2019

Johan Nell shared a picture of the note and t-shirt we sent him - again, we want to thank you for spreading the word about Bitrise, Johan (and thanks to Farouk for the compliment).

We also saw another recommendation for our platform, this time in relation to Simon Liotier’s problem about Xcode 10.2 not being available on other platforms. Gwenn Guihal suggested switching to Bitrise, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Cheers, Gwenn!

Last but not least, we also wanted to include a few tweets from our recent ASMR adventure. Thanks for all the people who shared our videos, and who didn’t think we were just beyond weird for going for a thing like this — truth is, we really enjoyed it, and while you don’t necessarily want your family to know about this, but we know you did, too.

Of course, our weekly roundup wouldn’t be whole without a list of all the other people who have mentioned us during the week. Thanks, everyone — we really appreciate it.

🚀 @realbardaxx 🚀

🚀 @darksideofcode 🚀

🚀 @garifung 🚀

🚀 @joshtronic 🚀

🚀 @LaffazMedia 🚀

🚀 @bpontarelli 🚀

🚀 @brunolemos 🚀

🚀 @opsmatters_uk 🚀

🚀 @subwebz 🚀

🚀 @Attilayesthehun 🚀

🚀 @masahide318 🚀

🚀 @syarihu 🚀

🚀 @itaru_sugimoto 🚀

🚀 @Forbes_HU 🚀

🚀 @filter_hu 🚀

🚀 @NareruSE 🚀

🚀 @trainin9 🚀

🚀 @comonacojp 🚀

🚀 @manueldotph 🚀

🚀 @HirzillaH 🚀


🚀 @FutureWorkshops 🚀

🚀 @laszlocph 🚀

🚀 @swift_mono 🚀

🚀 @Europa247 🚀


🚀 @yyyske3 🚀

🚀 @7omich 🚀

🚀 @t__nabe 🚀

🚀 @5hy_n3 🚀

🚀 @kwmt27 🚀

🚀 @m4kvn 🚀

🚀 @thehappypenguin 🚀

🚀 @_kwzr_ 🚀

🚀 @_mitsurun 🚀

🚀 @yutouno 🚀

🚀 @ktanaka117 🚀

🚀 @kodedpxlart 🚀

🚀 @loicgoyet 🚀

That’s it for this week, folks. Thanks again for tuning in — we’ll return next week with a brand new set of highlights, and even more of your tweets, reactions, and comments. See you soon!

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