Try DeployGate on Bitrise and share your app with testers at once

Bitrise loves Open Source, so if you miss an integration, you can create your own Step add it to our Step Library. 😎This is exactly what DeployGate did. 🎉 Read on and get to know them.

Bitrise loves Open Source, so if you miss an integration, you can create your own Step add it to our Step Library. 😎This is exactly what DeployGate did. 🎉 Read on and get to know them.  

DeployGate is a Japanese company providing a way for iOS and Android developers to share in-development apps with others.
Deplpygate on Bitrise

Bitrise, known for its ability to almost automatically create a CI (Continuous Integration) environment for Android and iOS projects, now supports DeployGate Upload Step! With this Step, the whole process becomes fully automated — from application testing and building on Bitrise to distributing the application build via DeployGate! (And it can all be done with just mouse clicks!) Also, a Development Tutorial is published on their official DevCenter 🎉

Deploygate and Bitrise

With DeployGate Upload Step, it’s easy to set up multitrack in-development app delivery using DeployGate’s Distribution Pages (Shared Link). The Distribution Page features of DeployGate with Bitrise allow you to easily create Distribution Pages for each working branch of Git, and simultaneously distribute multiple application builds from separate branches. As each branch’s applications are automatically updated to the latest build version, anyone can view and download them. Even non-engineers, such as designers, sales and marketers, and even managers, will be able to view the latest updates to applications, allowing for smooth operations of the development process.

Deploygate and Bitrise

While Bitrise has essential distribution functions for build results, by combining them with DeployGate, additional convenient operations become possible — multitrack delivery using Distribution Pages of each Git branch, detailed user and group management, administrative and permissions management, and device management.

Deploygate and Bitrise

Most settings can be adjusted in the GUI and can be set from Bitrise’s Workflow Editor. Information from Git and Bitrise, combined with environmental variables and information and results from other Steps, can be used to flexibly construct workflows.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the DeployGate Tutorial published on Bitrise’s DevCenter.

At DeployGate, we strive to distribute applications to devices reliably, securely, and quickly, and to make the final steps of the process exceptionally easy and extraordinarily fast. In doing so, we aim to actively engage in and assist with various integration efforts, increasing productivity and improving application completion through superior feedback.

From all of us at DeployGate, we look forward to serving you in the future!

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