This month in review: March

Explore the latest updates in Bitrise this month, including direct and bulk invitations in Workspaces, configuring SCIM with Okta, and new pricing tiers for Release Management. Discover what's new in Bitrise!

We're thrilled to unveil our latest updates this month. From direct and bulk invitations to Workspaces, configuring SCIM with Okta, and workspace API Tokens, to streamlined member management and new features like Alerts with pings for stuck builds and pricing tiers for Release Management. There’s a lil something for everyone. Dive in for a glimpse at these updates and explore what's new in Steps.

Explore and upvote upcoming features like scheduling a build using cron syntax, machine performance monitoring, or custom roles on our Roadmap.

New member management in workspaces

We've completely revamped workspace member management, including a redesigned member list page with advanced search, filtering, and pagination for enhanced navigation and management. Here's what's new:

  • Invite members directly to your workspace, bypassing groups for efficiency.
  • Bulk invite option to save time and streamline the process.
  • Introducing global access roles (Admin, Developer, Tester) applicable across all apps within the workspace, with the flexibility for global or app-specific assignments.
  • Enhanced authentication system supporting flexible role assignments without hierarchy.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to manage members in Workspaces.


Configure SCIM with Okta

Sync users between Okta and Bitrise, hassle-free. Simply head to Single Sign-on within your Workspace settings, add your desired domains, and establish the connection with Okta for a seamless sync. For those already part of the closed beta, continue using SCIM without interruption. Note that SCIM settings now have a new home -> relocated under the Single Sign-on menu from Collaboration. This functionality is accessible to Enterprise customers or those with the SAML SSO add-on.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to configure SCIM with Okta.


Transitioning from App Center to Bitrise: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have another team in your org that has to move off of App Center ASAP? With Microsoft retiring its Visual Studio App Center, many developers are looking for reliable alternatives that match and exceed the functionality previously offered. If you’re a Bitrise user, and are using App Center for distribution, you can use our Deploy to Step to easily enable the public install page for your App. What's more, you can test drive Release Management for free. Non-Bitrise users, discover how to make the switch painlessly and check out the Step-by-Step migration guide.

Workspace API Tokens

Stressing over who has access to what? Workspace-level API tokens enhance security and flexibility by offering a more secure and adaptable authentication solution compared to Personal Access Tokens. Now, you can generate tokens for Admin, Developer, or Tester roles across all apps (existing and new), or tailor access to specific apps. Manage your tokens easily in Workspace -> Security, where you can create, remove, or regenerate them as needed.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to create a workspace API token

Alerts: Now with pings for when your builds are stuck

The latest enhancements to the Alerts feature in Bitrise Insights make it easier to navigate developer metrics. The TLDR;

  • A new UI for enhanced usability: Bye-bye cumbersome setup process that felt like filling out an endless Google form survey. The new UI makes setting up alerts quicker, and easier.
  • Advanced multi-selection filtering options: We've expanded our filtering capabilities so you can now select multiple filters within a single alert.
  • ‘Below threshold’ alerts: That’s right. We've introduced the ability to set alerts for metrics that fall below a certain threshold. This is particularly beneficial for metrics like cache hit rate or build count.
  • New metrics for Alerts: You now have access to detailed metrics across builds, tests, and utilization, including but not limited to caching insights, Git insights, and a wealth of utilization metrics.

Read more on our blog for specifics (+ other very nice screenshots). 

Introducing paid plans for Release Management

Release Management now has a Free Tier and a new, automation-driven Paid Tier. 

  • The free tier remains accessible to all Bitrise users, allowing you to manage releases for unlimited mobile applications without cost. This is ideal for those who prefer handling release tasks manually, as it does not include release automation features.
  • The paid tier offers unlimited automated releases, providing the utmost flexibility and convenience for your release management process. It’s tailored for users seeking to fully automate release management, saving time and reducing manual efforts. Features include:some text
    • Automating status updates through Slack and Microsoft Teams
    • Triggering Bitrise CI builds with automation
    • Automating Apple phased and Google staged rollouts
    • API integrations (Coming Soon)

Note: Early adopters will receive a free 3-month subscription

Read more on our blog for the full scope.

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