The cool new Test Reports feature on Bitrise is here

All your test reports in one place? Check. Check it out!

All your test reports in one place? Check. Check it out!

If you use our testing steps (Xcode Test for iOS, Android Unit Test, iOS Device Testing and Virtual Device Testing for Android) your test results will be deployed to the same directory. From there, the new Test Reports can process and then display them in a way that’s easy to read and analyze.

How to start?

Well, first of all, add tests to your app’s repository. Then add the appropriate testing Steps to your Workflow. (If you have an iOS project, you can use the Xcode Test for iOS Step to run Xcode tests.)
Make sure you have the Deploy to Step in your Workflow and run your build. Once the build is finished, you will be able to view your test reports.

View, but where? Well, check out this button below your build summary.


(You can find it later by going to your app's page and then - on the Builds tab - clicking on a build that ran tests.)

And this is what the Test Reports page look like:


Under Test cases, you will find the total number of tests you ran, the ratio of successful and failed tests, the duration of each individual test (both unit tests and UI tests) and in the case of UI tests, the orientation and the locale of the device.

Depending on the test type, you can check individual test cases and performance data and download videos, screenshots, test artifacts, and logs.

For Android apps, only unit tests can be viewed on Test Reports. UI tests are currently not available. With iOS apps, you can view both unit and UI tests. But this is not the end of the story. 😉

For more info, dig into the Devcenter.

Happy testing and happy building! 🏢

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