Tenacious env vars

Assign the value of one environment variable to multiple others with the new set env var step.

Assign the value of one environment variable to multiple others with the new set env var step in your Workflow Editor.

You'll find this step useful if you want to "broadcast" env vars from one step to another or if different tools use different envs for the same thing, like ipa path.

For doing the same thing you can simply add a script step to your workflow, like this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -e

echo "source_env_key: $source_env_key"
echo "source_env_value: $source_env_value"

echo "=> Mapping $source_env_key to $target_env_key"

set -x

echo -n "$source_env_value" | envman add --key "$target_env_key"
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However now it's just a drag and drop away! 🙂

Note: Step outputs are just regular Environment Variables

Step output aliases

There is a similar step that covers some of this functionality, but with step output aliases you can only specify one alias for that env var by setting value to the desired alias key and the cli will export the output with the given alias.

    - gradle-runner:
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With set env var you could copy the value into as many env vars as you like.

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