Spend 30-50% less time waiting for builds

How much more would you get done if you'd spend 30-50% less time waiting on your builds to finish? Try our Org Elite plan now, for 2 weeks. No strings attached.

How much more would you get done if you'd spend 30-50% less time waiting on your builds to finish? Try our Org Elite plan now, for 2 weeks. No strings attached.

Speeding up your builds can be done in multiple ways: by optimizing workflows and increasing compute power. For the latter, did you know that we offer an Org Elite plan that would significantly speed up your builds, and you can try it for free?

Let's see some numbers to back this up.

We've compared 52.000 builds run by 186 customers, building 346 apps, using 584 workflows on Org Standard, and then after switching to Org Elite. We have learned that the build speed on the Elite machines has been increased by 47% compared to the Standard machines. This means that the average runtime of a build was reduced from 27 minutes to 18 minutes.

The team also benchmarked the increase in performance using the WordPress and Firefox iOS apps, to show you some specific examples:

Org Standard vs Org Elite Build Times (min)
(Standard deviation: 3.8-3.9)

Hear what current users have to say about Org Elite

"We already see the benefits of Elite Plan, our builds are really faster." (Head of frontend development, at a bank)

"We have indeed seen some big improvements so far - our iOS Detox builds have been reduced from ~30 minutes to ~10 minutes!" (Sr. software engineer)

"They also upgraded from their Standard plan — when the Elite plan was introduced and they were offered a trial period, they were so impressed that they ended up increasing the number of their concurrencies to 3 so that they could continue with that plan." (Fueled. Read their story.)

If you’d like to try Org Elite

  • go to your Org’s profile page, click ELITE and Request a 2-Week Trial.

If this is still not enough, we've written about reducing build times extensively:

Most of these are a little bit of work, but they’re battle-tested and can likely shave some minutes off of your build time.

Happy building!

This article was first published in November 2020 and was updated with further data in May 2021.

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