October highlights 🎃

We had a busy October preparing for the Tokyo visit and the Web Summit. We also started to work with our contributors on localizing some of Bitrise into Japanese and introduced iOS real device testing too. 👻

We had a busy October preparing for the Tokyo visit and the Web Summit. We also started to work with our contributors on localizing some of Bitrise into Japanese and introduced iOS real device testing too. 👻

Bitrise 💜 Tokyo

🗻 We've announced a visit to Tokyo, one that is ongoing at the moment. :)

🗨 We’ll be presenting keynote talks at two consecutive CI/CD Test Night events on November 7th and November 8th.

🇯🇵 Help us localize to Japanese and earn a contributor T-shirt! - We could hardly believe our eyes, but you did it: localized all the 20 pages of our devcenter that we deemed the most important. Thank you! We've added a couple of other pages that might help Japanese developers understand and use Bitrise. Help us and earn a contributor T-shirt!


🇵🇹 Meet Bitrise at the Web Summit (Lisbon) 2018 - Meet Viktor Hatfaludi, Bitrise Enterprise Consultant and Tamas Abraham, growth marketer at Web Summit.

🤝 You are in good company! - We've spent the last few weeks talking to our customers and now we're starting to share their stories one by one. Read how and why they use Bitrise, what challenges they were facing and how they solved them with Bitrise.

🏆 Bitrise Contributor Hall of Fame (October 2018) - Bitrise 💜 Open Source and we love that you contribute to Bitrise. This is our monthly thank you. 🙏


🎉 Introducing solid and snappy real device testing for iOS with Firebase (beta) - Get conclusive test results presented in logs, video, and screenshots on Bitrise for your iOS apps too with Google Firebase. A year ago we introduced real device testing for Android and you loved it, so you can now try it for iOS as well.  🎉

📈 Unloading GitHub data by Xplenty - We've already presented a possible way to create ad-hoc reports on GitHub data, but if you regularly work with information about the repositories it is worth building a package that would collect this information in a regular relational database. Read the guide on building a package processing this data.

🤖 Automating code review tasks for multi-module Android projects - Code reviews are a must, but can be quite a pain, right? Some of it can be automated by using Danger & klint so that you can focus on meaningful and constructive development only, not typos and such. Guest post by Joe Birch.

📱 Try DeployGate on Bitrise and share your app with testers at once - Bitrise loves Open Source, so if you miss an integration, you can create your own Step add it to our Step Library. 😎This is exactly what DeployGate did. 🎉 Read on and get to know them.

🌐 Project Kick-off & Setup – Mobile & Web App Development Process - What does an App Development Kick-off look like? Why is it crucial for the success of your app? How will it introduce you to the role of a Product Owner? How do developers set up your project?

🤠 How to Add Chuck Norris Jokes to Bitrise Build Logs - Continuous Integration can be a lot of fun so  Karol Wrótniak created a step that will add jokes about Chuck Norris to Bitrise build logs. In this article, I'll describe step by step how I created this step. Don't forget to add the step to your workflow! Guest blog by Karol Wrótniak, mobile developer at Droids On Roids.

Check out our new office (under construction)! More pics on our Instagram.

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