Now is the time to migrate from Buddybuild to Bitrise

Now that Buddybuild will drop Android in March you need a CI/CD for your Android apps. And you need it fast. Let us help you with a bit of an overview of what you can achieve using Bitrise.

Now that Buddybuild will drop Android in March you'll need a CI/CD for your Android apps. And you need it fast. Let us help you with a bit of an overview of what you can achieve using Bitrise and offer help with migration.


We support Android, iOS, Xamarin, React Native, fastlane, Ionic, Cordova and macOS and have tons of integrations available. (If you miss anything, you can add your own steps too as these are open source.) After registering, you need to add your app to Bitrise and we'll try to figure out what type of app it is and we'll setup basic workflows for you in seconds. You can change and configure these workflows easily on Bitrise. You can even download the configuration file and run your app locally with our open source CLI.

  • Read more about setting up your app here.
  • Check out our huge library of 200 integrations such as Slack, Jira,  etc. here.
  • See how our open source CLI works here.

A selection of features you'd find interesting

If you are in need of a crash reporting tool, you can use our integration with Crashlytics, or you can upload your app to Instabug! If you need any help with setting this up, just reach out to us!
We will automatically deploy your app to your testers inside Bitrise, but if you are in need of another service, it's just an integration away!

Bitrise has a great Cache method and a step called Recursive Touch and these two can make builds 60% faster.

You can try our Elite plan and our strong machines: instead of 2 CPUs, you will get 4 CPUs and 8 gigs of RAM for your builds, and we’re using the same type of on-steroids xServe machines we have for our Standard clusters. Read more about it and on how you can request a trial here.



We're working hard to make code signing as smooth as possible:

  • We followed Xcode 9's changes too (export option Plists and co.) 😎

Read all our iOS code signing updates.


We're happy to help you with migration and setting up your apps. Should you have any questions or suggestions, ping us via the on-site chat, drop us an email (letsconnect at or request a call if you'd need an assessment of our service.

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