Now in Beta: Enhanced Xcode test reporting for clearer, faster insights

We're thrilled to announce enhancements to Xcode test reporting in Bitrise, designed to improve your mobile app debugging workflow. For iOS developers, our new Beta feature allows for better visibility into Xcode test results on the Build Details page.

September 15, 2023: Update! Our call for Beta participants is now closed. We appreciate the community's response and we look forward to partnering with you on a future Beta.

This release at a glance:

  • Now in Beta: Enhanced test reporting for Xcode projects directly on the Build Details page.
  • Includes interactive HTML test results and support for Xcode test screenshots and videos.
  • Failing test results are now instantly visible for Bitrise Pipelines users.

Designed for iOS developers, this update brings clarity and efficiency to your testing process, empowering quicker recovery from failures and a smoother development journey.

With today’s release, we’re excited to share two enhancements to test reporting in Bitrise.

Firstly, now available to iOS developers through Beta, visibility into interactive test results for Xcode projects is now directly accessible on the Build Details page. This comes enriched with navigable HTML test results and support for screenshots and even video recordings.

Secondly, for those immersed in Bitrise Pipelines, we've enhanced your workflow: failing test results for your projects are now immediately available on the Build Details page, optimizing the development process for both iOS and Android app creators.

Debugging is already hard enough

Mobile developers building Xcode projects on Bitrise currently face a fragmented test reporting process, where additional steps are required for comprehensive debugging insights. Moreover, Pipelines lack any test result display, limiting quick error identification. The absence of these key features can slow down the debugging process and increase development cycle times.

What’s new

Now, developers using Xcode will find a more streamlined test reporting process within the 'Tests' tab of the Build Details page, displaying all test outcomes—both passing and failing—without the need for extra Workflow steps to capture detailed test results. Today’s Beta release of navigable HTML test reports, screenshots, and videos provides deeper insights directly within Bitrise, simplifying your debugging journey.

Additionally, for builds run in Pipelines, the display of failing test results ensures developers can swiftly pinpoint and address issues. By addressing these specific pain points, we aim to reduce debugging time and make the development workflow more intuitive.

If you’re looking for more information about which tests failed in your Pipelines builds, great news. These test results are generally available now for all Bitrise users – no need to join a Beta for this one. Navigate to your latest Pipeline build and switch to the ‘Tests’ tab to find your failing tests.

We believe in creating tools that feel intuitive and seamless for developers. This enhanced reporting not only simplifies test report creation, but also presents it such that translating data into actionable insights is easier and faster, ensuring every developer finds value in every test they run,” said Bitrise Senior Product Manager, Kaushal Vyas.

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