New: Utilization Insights on Bitrise

Introducing Utilization Insights, the latest addition to Bitrise's Insights add-on. This feature takes resource management of mobile development teams to the next level with dashboards for infrastructure usage, workflow count history, concurrency usage trends, build queue history and billing cycle summaries.

Please note: Utilization insights is only available to users on a custom Enterprise plan.

Designed to eliminate surprises and optimize resource management, Utilization Insights enables mobile development teams to identify potential bottlenecks faster, effectively allocate resources, and enhance the efficiency of their CI/CD processes. Here's what's new.

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Infrastructure usage and workflow count

Gain full observability of how every dollar is spent on Bitrise, helping you better understand your consumption patterns and eliminate surprises on your monthly bill. You can now view a detailed breakdown of your usage and spending in the following areas.

Build minutes by machine type

Track machine type usage and build minutes. With this metric, you can identify which machines are used most and least, manage future machine type allocations, and adjust budgets accordingly. Switch between cumulative or hourly/daily views for detailed insights. 

A screen shot of the utlization of build minutes in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Workflow runs (counts)

Track the number of workflows your team runs over time. It helps you assess whether you’re utilizing your plan enough — or need adjustments.  

A screen shot of the utilization of workflow runs in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Network egress  

To help manage what could be some of your most expensive costs, network egress tracks data transfers and outputs from your builds. This helps you monitor network usage and understand storage needs in your CI/CD activities. Note: This metric is only relevant for build cache users.

A screen shot of the utilization of network egress in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Artifact storage

Artifact storage might not top your budget worries, but if it's important to you, you can track the storage space your artifacts consume and their associated costs. A historical trend of artifact storage usage will highlight peaks and dips, helping you manage budgets effectively.

A screen shot of the utilization of arctifacts in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Concurrencies and queues: Historical trends and insights

Gain insights from historical trends of queues and concurrencies for MacOS and Linux builds, with app-level specifics. This data helps developers scale resources efficiently, optimize build schedules, and tailor Bitrise plans to past performance. Leveraging these metrics helps mobile development teams to:

  • Prevent inefficiencies 
  • Reduce costs by providing clear insights into concurrency utilization
  • Target resource planning and allocation by identifying which apps or departments are consuming which resources.
A screen shot of the utilization of concurrencies in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Billing cycle summary 

Designed to align with your billing cycle, this feature enables finance teams to accurately forecast and budget, streamlines the tracking process for developers, and ensures CI/CD spending matches your project requirements and financial goals.

Billing cycle view

No more uncertainty about your next billing cycle or whom to ask for information. The billing cycle view provides a complete overview of your upcoming billing period, allowing you to plan effortlessly without needing to track start and end dates or consult the finance team. Previously limited to a calendar view for tracking, this new default view simplifies planning. Selecting specific dates via the calendar view remains an option for those who prefer.

A screen shot of the billing cycle view in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Billing cycle summary

Easily track your spending with the billing cycle summary, showing the dollar amount spent against your budget for the period and your progress with a visual bar toward spending thresholds. This summary offers a clear view of your current billing cycle's expenditure, streamlining financial discussions by providing a straightforward snapshot of budget consumption. It eliminates the need to switch through multiple tabs to gather financial data, simplifying the process of sharing information with finance teams. 

A screen shot of the billing cycle summary in the Bitrise Insights UI.

Utilization report 

The Utilization Report offers a detailed budget allocation analysis, presenting a snapshot of your billing cycle, infrastructure commitments, and workflow runs. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of infrastructure utilization, including machine types, cache storage, artifact storage, and network egress, detailing quantities used and subtotals. Additionally, for workflow runs, it displays the period, quantity, and an evaluation of whether you've overspent or have remaining credit. This report is essential for understanding precisely where and how your budget is being utilized.

A screen shot of the utilization report.

Why utilization insights matter

By providing observability into resource usage metrics and historical insights, Bitrise aims to empower mobile development teams to take control of their build environments like never before. This level of detail ensures that you can make informed decisions about your CI/CD strategy and budget while empowering you to maximize every aspect of the Bitrise platform.

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Clarification of certain terms

*Network egress: Data transfer from the build cache to external networks or clients to retrieve build artifacts. This includes data downloaded to a local development environment or to any other CI environment other than Bitrise.

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