June Highlights: Redesign to the Power of Two

We rolled out the new design for Bitrise in June and you still have some time to subscribe to our newsletter to be eligible for winning one of the 50 ultra cool T-shirts.

We rolled out the new design for Bitrise in June and you can still subscribe to our newsletter to win one of the 50 ultra cool T-shirts.


🧞 Introducing the Developer Plan - We’ve made a small change in our pricing to better differentiate plans and to eliminate confusion when subscribing. Read the details here.

😸 Bitrise Redesign - Bitbot and Purr Request in the Making - Designer Gergely Hangyas on the redesign of the external pages: "When we decided to kick off a rebranding project for Bitrise, I was as excited as a child. Although I have been working with developers for more than 10 years I have never had the chance to design directly for them."


🤖 Redesigned Android scanner, steps, and workflows to make it simpler and better - We love redesign, you know, right? 😍 Quite a few things were changed for the more convenient for our Android users. Check out how we made the Android setup smarter, what new steps replace the old Gradle Runner step and how the new default workflows look.

Convert old Android workflows and configure new steps based on the old Gradle tasks - We've introduced new steps for Android and redesigned workflows for the new apps added to Bitrise. Sounds interesting but you have a well-established Android app nested comfortably into Bitrise? Cool. Let us help you convert to the new one!

👤 Add awesome avatars for profiles and organizations - You requested it, we've delivered: add a profile pic for yourself our your organizations on Bitrise. ✨

🌍 We're hiring! - We have open engineering positions in Budapest, only on-site. (Budapest is a nice city, trust me.) Check them out!


🎬 Scaling a Swift SDK - Learnings on building a set of Swift Libraries (meetup recording) - Guy Daher’s talk was recorded at the Paris Swift Meetup in March. Guy, a French iOS engineer working for Algolia introduces his learnings on building a set of Swift libraries.

👓 Augmented reality app development with Bitrise - Thorsten Bux is the part of a team creating an augmented reality library called artoolkitX, which is available across all major platforms and he shares how they use Bitrise to build it for multiple platforms, how they deliver their artefacts and a bit beyond.

📱 Appetize integration for running apps in any browser - Integrate your app on Bitrise with Appetize and use this simulator to show off your app.

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