Join the first virtual Bitrise User Group meetup!

On April 23, we're organizing our first-ever virtual Bitrise User Group. Check out what we've got in store, and how you can join, too!

Join our first virtual Bitrise User Group (BUG) meetup on April 23 — take the mic and show off your workflows, learn about advanced use cases from experienced Bitrise users, or simply connect with your peers and discuss tips and tricks.

Virtual BUGs are an extension of the in-person BUG meetups that have been taking place everywhere from Poland to Japan, bringing together local communities in person to exchange knowhow. They will provide you the same opportunity to connect, but from the comfort of your home, office, garden, beach or wherever you decide to log in from.

You can sign up to attend the first virtual BUG here, and can apply to speak here.

Wait, what's a BUG again?

A Bitrise User Group is a community-organised meetup of local Bitrise users, with the aim of learning, teaching, connecting and becoming better at Bitrise. In the case of the in-person events, the local community does most of the planning and programming, with some support from our Community Relations team.

Often, these meetups follow the same format:

  • Local Bitrise users gather in a meetup space, usually in the offices of a company using Bitrise
  • 2 or 3 community members present 10-20 minute talks, each about advanced use cases or topics warranting some extended discussion (for example, the Google Assistant integration one of our Tokyo BUG presenters built)
  • 3 to 5 community members take 5 minutes each to either present their workflow for audience feedback, or share some quick tips and tricks

How will virtual BUGs differ?

A virtual BUG is Bitrise-organised. We'll provide the platform, reach out to potential speakers, and put together an agenda with input from in-person BUG organisers around the world.

The format for these virtual BUGs is still quite similar:

  • Bitrise users from around the globe join each other virtually, through our video meetup platform
  • 2 or 3 community members present for 10-20 minutes each
  • 3 to 5 community members take 5 minutes each to present a lightning talk

The purpose? Talk to other folks who do the same things as you, exchange ideas, show them what you're working on, and get a second pair of eyes on that one little thing that keeps bugging you (pun intended).

Same agenda, same purpose, different venue, and a slightly more international audience... 🙂

Who can participate and how?

These virtual BUGs are for everyone, regardless of how long or how much you've used Bitrise. You could've signed up 5 years ago or yesterday — you're likely to learn something new or will be able to share something valuable.

I'd like to attend...

Awesome! We'd love to have you. Just use the virtual BUG signup page and free up some time on April 23, from 10 AM PST / 7 PM CET for the first of this new, recurring event. In-person BUGs tend to run 60-90 minutes, so you should expect something similar for this event as well.

I have something to share with the community...

Even better! Submit your topic using the BUG talk submission form. You can either apply for a regular speaking slot or a lightning slot. Both are important, both are fun, and both are equally accessible for both experienced and novice speakers. If you're uncertain about submitting your talk and would like a second pair of eyes, some support with slides or any other help, drop us an email at [email protected]

In addition to the thanks, support and admiration of your peers, as a speaker we'll reward your contribution with a limited edition swag package 🎁

See you on April 23 — and happy building! 🚀

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