Introducing Bitrise CLI 2.0.0

We’re excited to announce that we recently updated the Bitrise CLI and in this article, we share what’s included in the Bitrise CLI 2.0.0 release.

The Bitrise CLI helps you to run your Bitrise workflows on any Mac or Linux machine, and use the same configuration on website — from init, setup, validate to update, run and trigger. Additionally, you can use the plugins to edit the workflow offline with a local version of the Bitrise Workflow Editor.

Recently, we released the new version of Bitrise CLI 2.0.0. Let’s explore what’s been changed. 

Install or upgrade Bitrise CLI

To install this version, run the following command:

💡TIP: For M1 machines, please note by default /usr/local/bin does not exist on M1 machines and isn't encouraged by the community over /opt/bin. Use a custom folder path or use your own bin folder path. i.e /opt/bin

After that, you need to run:

That’s all. To make sure the installed version, run the following command: 

And the version should be 2.0.0

Breaking changes

The --loglevel command line parameter has been removed from the CLI. 

Use the --debug flag to enable the debug logs if necessary.

Experimental feature

For structured logging, a new option was added to the run command to enable the new json logging format. To enable it, simply supply the --output-format json parameter to the run command. CLIs still use human-readable formats by default.

Small improvements

In addition, we made small improvements to make debugging easier:

  • The CLI now logs any error related to step preparation. Previously, these did not show up in the build logs.
  • The summary section at the end of a workflow run now has the ID of which workflow it belongs to.
  • The CLI was always using master as the default branch value if none was supplied in the git:: special source step definition. This is removed and it uses the value defined in the repository.

You can give it a try and send your feedback to our discussion forums, for more information you can check the changelog of the release here

Thank you and happy building!

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