Insights v2 is here, and here’s what to expect

It’s launch day with Bitrise Insights V2, which means that analyzing your build, test, and credit data has never been easier.

We have revamped Insights based on customer feedback and to make space for other planned new features. To celebrate this, we are giving away all Insights features for free until the end of March 2023.

Help us to improve Bitrise Insights further by giving feedback about it in the product.

What is Bitrise Insights?

If you’re new to Bitrise Insights, it’s a service that helps you to monitor your build, test, and credit data, and helps you to find the bottlenecks and improvement opportunities in your mobile app build and test processes. With Insights, teams can make more informed, data-driven decisions to help release more frequently, and with confidence.

Bitrise Insights can help you to increase process efficiency and to improve productivity, by reducing wait time in your CI/CD process. It helps you to find the slowest and most failing apps, workflow and tests, drill into and improve the most impactful areas.

Over time Bitrise Insights will cover more and more areas of the app development process and will help you find the bottlenecks and the most impactful improvement areas, so you can reduce wait time throughout the whole app development process, unblock your fellow engineers, and make great apps faster.

You can find a short video walk through about Insights and how it works here:

What’s new?

New site structure

While the data remains the same, it is now organized a little differently. Use the left navigation sidebar to quickly find what you are looking for.

CI/CD Health Overview

Contains aggregated and per-app metrics for your workspace so you can quickly assess whether there are any negative trends that need your immediate attention. Easily compare values of the same point in time across charts with the synchronized cursor.

If a negative spike in one of the charts catches your eye, you can dig deeper to understand what is causing it by clicking the “View details” button, which will allow you to see all available build metrics for the workspace, and to narrow your inquiry to the app or workflow you are most interested in.


Helps you understand where you can save most developer wait time or credits, depending on which goal you are focusing on at the moment. We show you which of your workflows and tests cause the most wait time and credit spend, so you can make an informed decision about which ones to optimize to increase the speed and efficiency of your development process.

Explore Builds, Tests & Credits

Build and test metrics will help you understand how well your builds and tests are performing. Start with your workspace level overview, or use filters to narrow down your search and find the exact app or workflow you are looking for. You can now dig even deeper if you only want to see data related to a distinct branch, machine type, or stack.

Should you discover any negative trend in an app or workflow, keep digging even more to find out which step or test case is causing the trend you caught. Scroll down and check the related build or test details to discover what is causing the issue. Use build and test filters in case you need to narrow down your search, and quickly jump to the relevant build or test report.

Free until the end of March 2023

All Insights features will be free for all Bitrise customers until the end of March 2023, and we will inform you about what will happen after this date in time. You can expect even more to come until then. And you can also help shape the roadmap by giving feedback about your experiences with Insights in the product (Give feedback button in the lower left corner).

Insights Pro subscribers

You can now access all Insight features, including test insights, for free until the end of March 2023. Your Insights PRO subscription has been put on hold and no credits in your account will be spent on Insights in the promotional period. We will update you about any changes taking effect from April 2023 well ahead of time.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about these changes.

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