Hiring our first Developer Advocate 🥑

With 130+ people and counting, very few of us build mobile applications regularly. To make sure we don’t lose sight of what we do and who we do it for, we need you!

When we founded Bitrise, we were mobile developers: we even ran a mobile agency for a while. We’re all still all mobile developers at heart, but in reality, with 130+ people and counting, very few of us build mobile applications regularly. To make sure we don’t lose sight of what we do and who we do it for, we need you!

We engage with the Bitrise community where we can, from the monthly Bitrise User Groups and a number of social channels to (virtual) conferences all around the world. Now, the time has come to start working in the community, while scaling up our existing work with the community.

We decided to open up - possibly - the most exciting role in the history of Bitrise: our first Developer Advocate. A person that’ll be part of the community, understands and articulates your needs to us while ensuring that we’re tapped into mobile development trends and insights. A connector and facilitator, but also a creator.

This is what that would look like:

An inside scoop

As a part of our Growth team, the Developer Advocate is someone who always knows what keeps the developer community abuzz. Let it be a video about how we support the latest mobile OS update or a blog post about speeding up builds — we are looking for a multi-talent who can produce both.


Our team loves events — just this summer we attended 5 — but we are also aware that we need to know what is actually interesting to developers, and maybe find some hidden gems along the way that we can support as a company. As an advocate, you can choose the events and themes that excite you the most and help us participate in fun & interesting activities.

Building a great product

Become a core member behind the scenes of a unicorn startup with over 1 billion users — test new prototypes, interview clients, and help us research and develop upcoming features. Our roadmap is built with our users in mind: the Product team constantly interviews clients and collects insights about what is, what will be, and what could be in Bitrise. We need someone that can make sure that we know what particular challenges the community faces, based on their own personal developer experience and their connection to that same community.

If you’re an expert in iOS- Android- or cross-platform (React Native, Flutter) development, and a creator and teacher at heart, this job is for you!

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