Countdown to Tokyo!

As you may have heard, we are coming to Tokyo again! See where and how you can meet us!

As you may have heard, we are coming to Tokyo again! We enjoyed our first visit to the city so much, it comes as no surprise that we can’t wait to be there for the second time, to join the international try! Swift conference - more about that down below. While this is the main reason for our stay, even if you’re not there, there are tons of other opportunities to meet our team. If you would like to have a personal chat with us about how Bitrise fits into your workflow, this is your chance! This time, we’re bringing along almost everyone from our founding team, so you will definitely get some hands-on advice - and maybe even some insight into our - top secret - roadmap. Scroll down for details about how you can arrange a one-on-one meeting with us.

Events we’re attending

Meetups will kick off on March 24th at the macOS symposium organized by the Tokyo iOS Meetup group at the Cookpad office. This event is primarily for people interested in programming for all iOS platforms, including professional programmers and enthusiastic semi-pro users. On the next day, the 25th of March, Cookpad will provide a space for another meetup at their venue. See us there from 7 pm on both days.

Another interesting session we’re looking forward to is the Tokyo Flutter Meetup dedicated to discussing the exciting new cross-platform mobile development SDK designed by Google in order to create the most beautiful mobile apps. The event will be held at Navitime JPN on March 26th, starting from 7 pm. We can’t wait to meet the buzzing Tokyo Flutter developer community!

Potatotips - a group created with the intention of sharing tips regarding Android and iOS development - and the Bitrise team will participate at a meetup at the Zozo Technologies office on the 27th.

We’ll finish our Tokyo trip with a meetup with Eureka in their head office from 7 to 10 pm on March 28th. The discussion will revolve around compiling binaries in MacOS and iOS development and the build processes. Come and see Viktor, one of our founders, who will talk about deployment builds, how Bitrise fits into the picture, and how you can speed up your workflow without using faster machines. You can sign up to the event here.

A bit about the try! Swift Tokyo 2019

If you’re not familiar with the event: the main idea behind it is to provide a forum for the international tech community to gather to improve and gain in-depth knowledge about Swift Development in an interactive, thought-provoking environment. To get things off the ground, try! Swift Pre talks will take place at the DeNA venue on the 19th of March, featuring lightning talks by emerging talent from the developer community.

The bilingual conference will then take place at the Bellesalle Shibuya First, from March 21st to 22nd, followed by workshops on the 23rd. You’re not exactly fluent in Japanese? Don’t worry, you can get your own personal headset, so you will hear all the content translated into English in real-time. The same goes for those visitors who only speak Japanese. Needless to say, it works both ways. :)

One thing is for sure: we will be in great company. The conference will feature inspiring speakers from tech firms all around the world, such as Nobuo Saito from Mercari; Ian Partridge from IBM, Mayuko Inoue from helloMayuko; Kristina Fox from Inuit; and Adam Bell from Facebook. Speakers will cover a wide array of topics within Open-Source Swift, Server-Side Swift and Swift on Android, as well as using Swift for iOS, watchOS, and tvOS development. See more about the speakers and the detailed schedule at the convention’s website. Before diving into the workshops the next day, the speakers, event organizers, volunteers, and attendees will have a chance to socialize at the official Conference Party on the 22nd.

Our team at the event

But let’s jump to our favorite part - getting to know you all, our beloved Japanese users. You may be wondering when and where exactly you can find us at the conference. During the first two days, we will provide you with a very special on-booth experience with a How well do you know Bitrise? quiz and great prizes for everyone who passes. Feel free to share your stories about using our service and get your burning questions answered. Based on our experience at last year’s event, we have so much to learn from you. Above all, the very first step in enhancing our service is by listening to the ideas and suggestions of our users. And lastly, another perk of visiting the conference: we’ll bring even more goodies than last time, and you’ll also get to take home a very special piece of artwork. But let’s keep the details a secret for now. :)

This time, instead of the workshops as we originally planned, we will participate in a Peer Lab event - a fun, collaborative get-together where developers share ideas and collectively work on different projects. So if you’re around, you are more than welcome to come and meet us there. The Peer Labs will begin in the afternoon after the workshops on the 23rd.

As you can see, we’ve got quite a busy lineup ahead of us! Since we can’t hang out in Tokyo as often as we would like to, we aim to make the most out of our time and meet as many customers as we can. If you would like to have a one-on-one meeting, reach out to us via our calendar invitation site or drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you. After all, we believe that meeting in real life offers infinitely more when it comes to connecting with our clients.

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