Community Roundup: September

Check out what's been happening in the Bitrise community in the past month!

Welcome back to another one of our Community Roundups, folks! We're excited to bring you a new collection of our favorite articles and mentions in this past month — let's get to it, shall we?

Articles of the month

Our first article of the month comes from Alan Steiman at Flawless iOS, and is titled “Automating app distribution using Bitrise”. We love it, Alan — thank you so much for this.

Next is an article from the folks over at Contact Mapping, titled “Using to Prepare for Future Xcode Upgrades”. Thank you for putting this together, and for the continued support.

"Using to Prepare for Future Xcode Upgrades"

@bitrise it is trivial to start testing your codebase against the next minor or major release. Here's a simple strategy.— Rick Manelius, PhD (@rickmanelius) September 9, 2020

This little snippet comes from Cathandnya, who had a bit of a problem installing AdHoc binaries built with Bitrise. Luckily, he found a solution — thanks for sharing this with the community.

はてなブログに投稿しました #はてなブログ
BitriseでビルドしたAdHocバイナリがインストールできない - CatHand Blog— nya (@cathandnya) September 12, 2020

Next is an article from xxminamixx, which is about setting up iOS app distribution with Bitrise and Firebase App Distribution, as well as Slack notifications for it. Amazing work, Minami, thank you so much.

Bitrise + Firebase App Distribution でiOSアプリを配布してSlackで通知する|みなみきょうへい #Zenn— みなみ (@xxmmminminmmxx) September 18, 2020

This one is from Taihei Mishima, who wrote about using Carthage for Xcode 12 when working with Bitrise. Thank you for the piece, Taihei — we really appreciate it.

最近話題のZenn使ってみたかったので, iOSDCの待ち時間とか使って久々に簡単な記事を書いてみました.

BitriseのXcode12マシンでCarthageを使う|Taihei Mishima #Zenn— Taihei Mishima (@tihimsm) September 19, 2020

Last but not least, we have a couple of presentations from two recent events, iOSDC Japan 2020 and the 4th Japanese Bitrise User Group. Thank you all for taking the time to talk about us, and we hope to see you again soon!


#iOSDC #B @kariad_uu— DeNA Tech (@DeNAxTech) September 21, 2020
bitrise.ymlのリポジトリ管理についてお話ししてきました! #bitrise_meetup— にしむら (@rnishimu22001) October 1, 2020
登壇資料はこちらになります。既存プロジェクトにBitriseを導入した時の話しです。[email protected]頑張る (@tamapppe) October 1, 2020
Virtual BUG Japan #4 で登壇してきました #bitrise_meetup #note— かっくん (@fromkk) October 1, 2020

Tweets of the month

Our first mention comes from Sam Andrew, who gave us an amazing shoutout. Thank you so much, Sam — we really appreciate it.

Have you tried @bitrise cloud CI/CD yet? If you answered "no", you have been missing a lot.

Bitrise is more than perfect for our needs at BANDS Technology.— Sam Andrew (@maswerdna)
October 2, 2020

It always makes us smile to see people out there wearing Bitrise merch — which is why we absolutely love this tweet from FromKK, whose wife wore the Tokyo BUG t-shirt to the store. Thank you for sharing this with us, Kazuya. 🎉

コンビニ行こーって妻が着替えたのBitrise🤣 My wife wears Bitrise T-shirt to go to shopping #bitrise— かっくん (@fromkk) September 8, 2020

This next one comes from Jason, who replied to a tweet by our CTO, Viktor Benei, and gave us a shoutout for being awesome. Back at you, Jason!

Tried bitrise a while ago... It’s awesome. Found you guys from a @CodeWithChris video.— Jason ☕☕🍵 (@HaqueJason) September 2, 2020

We also saw some nice tweets about the long-awaited opening change to the Bitrise Workflow Editor that happened this month. We’re always happy to be able to tailor the service more to our users’ needs — thank you all for the kind words.

Really cool— wisdom nwokocha (@Joklinztech) September 9, 2020

It's the small things that make a difference sometimes!— Antoine v.d. SwiftLee 🚀 (@twannl)
September 9, 2020
ユーザが本当に求めてたやつ!— nade (@kazuma_nagano) September 9, 2020— Fatahillah (@ahikmatf) September 9, 2020

Next up is a tweet from Josh Holtz, who recommended us to Ben Noland as a good CI choice for an indie dev. Thank you for the shoutout, Josh — we hope Ben has had the chance to check us out in the meantime. 😉

Might want to take a look at @bitrise 😊— Josh “Typo Maker” Holtz 💪🚀 (@joshdholtz) September 10, 2020

Next up, we wanted to give a shoutout to a couple of people who just started out with Bitrise. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and we hope to hear more about how it’s all been going.

Time to setup a CI for Colorix, @bitrise see you soon 🤖 #buildinpublic— Rachid - Indie Hacker (@make_air) September 10, 2020
Day 54#100DaysOfCode

Learned about a new tool,
@bitrise. I was looking for an application to create pipeline for the iOS app and then found Bitrise.
Worked on how to create a workflow, upload code signing certificates, different build steps, etc.— Amanpreet Kaur (@burgerNpizza) September 17, 2020
flutterとbitriseとだいぶ仲良くなった— もり🌖 (@_mooriii) September 24, 2020
2日ちょい苦しんでfastlaneとBitriseをいじくり回してちょっと仲良くなった— 崎山圭@iOSエンジニアな工学博士でプログラミング講師 (@sakiyamaK) September 23, 2020

Our next tweet comes from our long-time contributor Moataz Nabil, who just tried his hand at fan-out builds with the help of the documentation on our blog. We’re so glad to hear it’s working well, and that you’re saving even more time thanks to it. Keep up the good work!

It was a challenge and not an easy task but yes I did it, with @bitrise I speed up the iOS builds by running multiple builds at the same time to build and run our UI tests in parallel. for more details:— Moataz Nabil (@Moatazeldebsy) September 15, 2020

As always, no Roundup is complete without a swag tweet! This one comes from Khoa Pham, who joined us at one of our last BUG webinars. We had a blast, Khoa — hope you like the presents!

Lovely surprise ❤️ @bitrise— Khoa 🔥 (@onmyway133) September 16, 2020

Next up is a tweet by Simon Reggiani, who commented on a question Kadi Kraman had about what people use for React Native iOS builds — we’re happy to hear that we already were a strong contender, but we’re super grateful for the shoutout, Simon. As for Kadi — let us know if you had a chance to try the platform out! 🚀

I’ve been eyeing up Bitrise already! 15min sounds great 😍— Kadi Kraman 👻 (@kadikraman) September 18, 2020

We also wanted to give a huge shoutout to to Peter-John Welcome and Hokila Jan for speaking about us at events — Peter-John appeared at .droidcon Online last week, and Hoklia is going to talk at iPlayground 2020 tomorrow. Thank you both for these talks — we can't stress just how much we appreciate it, but we are working on launching something very special for contributors in the upcoming two weeks, so stay tuned!

Join me this Thursday when I talk about building a CI/CD pipeline with @bitrise #AndroidDev— Peter-John (@pjapplez) September 21, 2020
還在煩惱開發流程不順手嗎?讓 Bitrise Speaker Hokila Jan 來解救你吧!十年的 CI/CD 開發經驗絕對可以讓你醍醐灌頂啊!

卡緊來購票↘️— iPlayground 2020 9/24 10:00 開始售票 (@theiPlayground) September 28, 2020

We also saw a huge wave of tweets in response to the latest Xcode version support we rolled out — here are some of our favorites. We know just how crucial the timing on this can be, and we really appreciate your kind words.

Yesss, great job! 🚀— Antoine v.d. SwiftLee 🚀 (@twannl) September 16, 2020
BitriseはXcode 12ガチャ当たったみたい。おめでとうございます🎉— 所 友太 / Spinners Inc. (@tokorom) September 16, 2020
This was fast! 🚀🚀🚀— Marius Fanu (@mariusfanu) September 16, 2020
対応早い👏— akatsuki.kt/.swift (@akatsuki174) September 16, 2020
さすが対応早い— ぶち太郎 (@taro_buchi) September 16, 2020
はやーい— 🇯🇵 Muukii | Head of iOS - Eureka, Inc. (@muukii_app) September 16, 2020
bitriseのXcode対応が相変わらず早い— やまなす (@yama_nasubi) September 17, 2020
That is why I love @bitrise always eager to support the latest and greatest versions of Xcode, no matter how often Apple releases a new one 🙈😍— Niklas (@NiklasBuelow) September 17, 2020

Last but not least, we have two tweets about one of our most popular latest initiatives, the Bitrise Manga project. Hideaki Yanagi was the one who helped us with the idea for this one — we really appreciate your help. As for Ichinose Shogo's tweet about the plushies... you may find some clues to them popping up on social in the next two weeks. 🐱🤖

4コマ漫画のネタに採用されました!— Yanagi Hideaki (@hideaki_yanagi) September 17, 2020
@vvakame さんがBitriseグッズになってる……?— Ichinose Shogo (@shogo82148) September 17, 2020

That’s it for this time, folks . If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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