Community Roundup: March 6 – 31

Check out what's been happening in the Bitrise community lately!

Welcome back to another one of our Community Roundups! We hope that all of you are safe and sound, and that the recent situation hasn't got you completely down. If you’re back home and are looking for some inspiration for upgrading your Bitrise setup, check out these articles — and a couple of happy little tweets, just for good measure. Let's get started!

Articles and tutorials

Our first article comes from Takusamar, who wrote a super-thorough introductory article to getting your first Flutter iOS app setup rolling. This is amazing — thank you so much for writing it.

DevOpsDays Tokyo 2020は無くなったけど、ネタとして書いてたので公開します。

FlutterのHelloWorldアプリをBitriseでCI/CDする手順(iOS向け) #Qiita— いわむー@ヨガはいいぞ (@takusamar) March 6, 2020

This next one comes from Ichiro Hirata, and is titled “How to Comment a DeployGate Link for Each Build Version on GitHub Pull Requests With Bitrise”. Thank you for putting this together, Ichiro.

最近使ってるBitriseのWorkflowをちょっと改善した話を書きました。#Bitrise #DeployGate— ichi (@ilovenagareyama) March 7, 2020

Next is Hisaichi5518, who wrote a quick tutorial about running a Flutter drive on Bitrise. Thanks for sharing this, Hisaichi.

はてなブログに投稿しました #はてなブログ
Bitriseでflutter driveを実行する - パルカワ2— ひさいち (@hisaichi5518) March 7, 2020

This article comes from Kanari3, who wrote this piece about running tests with UITest using Flank on Bitrise. Thank you so much for your work, Kanari.

We also saw a really well-rounded, thorough article on why Bitrise is the obvious choice for mobile CI/CD by none other than Tomoki Kobayashi. We're honored to be held in such high regard, and are really glad you feel this way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, and keep up the good work!

Bitriseへの愛が漏れ出てしまいました— Tomoki Kobayashi (@temoki) March 31, 2020

Last but not least, we've got not just one, but two articles from Cathandnya: one about creating your own steps, and one about downloading and extracting files with Bitrise. We really appreciate the work you put into this — thank you so much.

はてなブログに投稿しました #はてなブログ
BitriseのStepの作り方 - CatHand Blog— nya (@cathandnya) March 30, 2020
はてなブログに投稿しました #はてなブログ
Bitriseでファイルをダウンロードして展開する - CatHand Blog— nya (@cathandnya) March 31, 2020

Again, we wanted to invite each and every one of the above authors to join our ever-growing Bitrise Writers' Program (also available in Japanese), which is not only a great way to have your articles get more reach, but can also help you with improving your articles — as well as getting plenty of amazing swags like the ones we'll see in just a minute, down below. Hope to see you all there!

Tweets and mentions

Our first tweet comes from Rick Manelius, who celebrated quite a feat with his team — their 2000th build on Bitrise! Thank you for being so enthusiastic about Bitrise, and here’s to many more great milestones to come.

Just hit our 2,000 build on @bitrise! So happy seeing so many PRs turning into merged and deployed code :)— Rick Manelius, PhD (@rickmanelius) March 6, 2020

Our second mention comes from Jay, who commented on how much he likes the Roundup’s format, especially with all the Japanese tweets. Happy to hear that, Jay. 😉

Thanks for the mention! I love this format. 💙
Very cool to see so many Japanese tweets in there. 😄

日本はこんなに多くなFlutter Communityがいたこと知らなかった!🇯🇵❤️— Jay (Jeroen) 💙🦄 (@jfkdev) March 6, 2020

No roundup is complete without some swag tweets. This one comes from Alligator_tama, who got hold of some of our goodies, including the socks below. Glad you like it!

これが噂のBitrise靴下🧦か— 🐊 (@alligator_tama) March 11, 2020

Next up is a nice picture of the swag pack Tomoya got — again, our socks seem to have been a huge success. Thank you for contributing, and hope you enjoy the goodies, Tomoya.

靴下とマグネットのビルドバッジめちゃいいなこれ!!— Takanishi (@t0m0120) March 11, 2020

We also saw some nice tweets about our growing number of videos on our YouTube channel. Huge thanks go out to everyone who gave us a shoutout, both for the videos and the Japanese subtitles for them!

/How to add a Flutter App to Bitrise - TUTORIAL @YouTubeさんから— 杏z (@AnzNetJp) March 13, 2020
知らんかった— ふ じ ゆ う @レトロゲーしたい (@nofrmm) March 13, 2020

Next are two tweets from The_Uhooi, who also got one of our brand-new swag packages, including the socks and the water bottle. Based on the second tweet, it looks like we hit the spot again with the socks. So glad you like them!

ありがとうBitrise🚀— ウホーイ (@the_uhooi) March 14, 2020
めちゃくちゃ欲しかったから本当に嬉しい😭— ウホーイ (@the_uhooi) March 14, 2020

This one comes from Ren, who’s been crazy active lately — it only figures that he’d post about being addicted to Bitrise. We’re so glad to see the platform has become such an important tool for you. Cheers!

Bitriseでハマり散らかしてる。— 相続放棄 🍎 (@renchild8) March 19, 2020

Next is a mention from Wesley Overdijk, who gave us a shoutout for the flawless experience he’s had setting up Bitrise for his latest app. That’s great to hear, Wesley — thanks for the kind words.

@bitrise got so much better, adding my latest app was pretty much a flawless experience.— Wesley Overdijk (@RWOverdijk) March 20, 2020

Takahiro Ethan Ikeuchi also gave us a shoutout after having his latest Flutter builds run twice as fast as they used to thanks to our Elite plan. Now that's pretty impressive! Keep up the good work, Takahiro.

When I built @bitrise with the elite plan, the build speed of our Flutter project was twice as fast.— Takahiro Ethan Ikeuchi (@ethan_ikt) March 21, 2020

We have to admit, this one piqued our interest — Nicolas Verinaud tweeted out about the possibility of a great article, and we already can’t wait! Let us know if we can be of any help, Nicolas. The Writers' Prorgram is always happy to help — we have an editorial feature now, too! 🚀

Automating delivery of an Android app to #GooglePlayStore with @FastlaneTools & @bitrise.

Check ! ✅
#Agile #ContinuousDelivery #SoftwareCraftsmanship

Would you be interested in an article ?— Nicolas Verinaud (@nverinaud)
March 25, 2020

We’re always on the lookout to find out about the experiences people are having with their first apps on Bitrise — so it is with Kenta Kubo. We’d love to hear how the process was, and what you think of the platform since.

I succeeded in building my app on Bitrise for the first time. 🎉— Kenta Kubo (@c10um0) March 28, 2020

Of course, we saw a couple of great tweets about the Xcode 11.4 support release, just like this one from Deszip. It always warms our hearts to see how much what we do means to you folks. Cheers!

Many years @bitrise is a Xcode update reminder for me ;) Fantastic speed, thank you for yor work.— deszip (@deszip) March 28, 2020

Next up is a huge thanks going out to Paul Hudson, who gave us a shoutout yet again. These mean the world to us, so again — we really appreciate it. Keep being awesome (and dressed in awesome hoodies like these)!

It's the least I can do, but you might notice how many of my videos feature me wearing T-shirts and hoodies from around our community. Folks like @SwiftIslandNL, @NSScreencast, @fireside_swift, @Bitrise and more all make appearances, hopefully helping more folks discover them 🙌— Paul Hudson (@twostraws) March 29, 2020

Before we go, we also wanted to give a huge shoutout to Cristian González, a member of our Speakers' Program. Cristian held an awesome presentation about Bitrise this past Saturday, and we were happy to see just how much buzz it generated — thank you again for talking about us!

Estamos online dando pequeñas platicas de Xamarin, Azure y más!

Más tarde hablaré de GitHub, Bitrise y AppCenter como opciones para CI/CD. #dotnetconf— Cristian González 🚀 (@DarryStonem) March 28, 2020

Last but not least, we’ve got two very important tweets — one from Tomoki, who we've already seen in the articles section, and one from 111soenke111. They're both pretty straight-forward, and show us just how much love you all have for the platform, which, at the end of the day, is the most important part of this all. Thank you both for tweeting about us, and hope you're having fun using Bitrise.

いやー Bitrise 最高だな!— Tomoki Kobayashi (@temoki) March 11, 2020
@bitrise <3— 111soenke111 (@111soenke111) March 20, 2020

That’s it for now, folks. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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