Community Roundup: February 1 – 17

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community in the past two weeks!

Welcome back to another one of our Community Roundups, folks. We’ve got plenty of mentions, from articles to unofficial clients — and, of course, some good old tweets. Let’s get started!

Articles of the week(s)

Our first article comes from Uehatsu, who wrote an overview of the process of uploading a Flutter app to App Store Connect using Bitrise. Thanks for putting this together!

Next up is an article titled “Building CI/CD pipelines for iOS projects using Gitlab and Bitrise”, written by Azadeh Bagheri. This is some great stuff, Azadeh — thank you for taking the time to write this!

Next is an article that is also featured on our blog as a guest post: "The ultimate guide to unit and UI testing for beginners in Swift" by Tibor Bödecs. We wanted to give you a quick thanks here as well, Tibor — amazing work, as always.

📰 My brand new article is a practical unit / ui testing guide for absolute beginners. #SwiftLang #iOS #Xcode #bitrise— Tibor Bödecs (@tiborbodecs) February 6, 2020

This next article talks about the benefits of using the Bitrise iOS Auto Provisioning step, and is written by none other than Fromkk, one of our many Speakers' Program participants. Thank you so much for writing this, Kazuya — hope to see you soon in the Writers' Program as well!

登壇ブログを書きました📝 | iOS Auto Provisionで証明書更新の苦悩からの解放 #cloudmobiletest #bitrise #iOSAutoProvision - Timers Tech Blog— かっくん is typoing... (@fromkk) February 7, 2020

We were also mentioned in Thiago Lioy's "The App Project", an awesome series he's just kicked off. In it, Thiago talked about Bitrise, and about how and why he uses the platform — we're glad to see it has given you such great experiences. Also, thank you for writing about us — much appreciated!

I just published The App Project - Kicking off CocoaAcademy 2020 Season. #SwiftLang #opensource @Instabug @bitrise— Thiago Lioy (@tpLioy) February 10, 2020

Next up is an article by Eugen Blattner over at Mayflower, which is a nice, detailed overview about how the company has set up their CD workflow using Bitrise. This is some great stuff — thank you for sharing this with everyone, folks.

Lesetipp: Mobile Continuous Deployment mit Bitrise— Mayflower (@mayflowergmbh) February 10, 2020

Last but not least, here's a quick piece by the folks over at Rigelian, who wrote a bit about how they introduced Bitrise to their development processes. Hope you're having fun with it — and let us know if we can help in any way!

Added CI/CD with Bitrise on some of my open source projects, which will result in better quality. #bitrise #github #libmpdclient-swift #connectorprotocol #rxnetservice #rigelian #quality #cicd— Katoemba (@Katoemba) February 16, 2020

Goodies of the week(s)

During these past two weeks, we saw two tweets that we wanted to share with you all: one from Alex Piotrowski, and one from Mateo Silguero, the former of whom demonstrated an RxJava to Flow conversion with a Bitrise client app as an example, while Mateo shared his very own unofficial Bitrise mobile client for Android, which you can download from Google Play right now. Thank you for using Bitrise as an example, Alex — and thank you for developing this unofficial mobile client, Mateo. Cheers!

Sample app from my today's presentation - simple @bitrise client app converted from #RxJava to coroutines Flow #AndroidDev— Alex Piotrowski (@pelotasplus) February 6, 2020
Para quienes usen @bitrise, hice un cliente no oficial mobile (por ahora solo android) 🤗— Mateo. ⚡ (@mateosilguero1) February 11, 2020

Social mentions of the week(s)

Our first tweet comes from Tkow39, who apparently just got started with getting to know Bitrise, but has already gotten to the conclusion that it's super easy to use. Let us know what you think of the platform as you move ahead!

Bitriseなにこれ超使いやすい— [email protected]日後にイキるエンジニア (@tkow39) February 4, 2020

Of course, no roundup would be complete without some swag. Here’s a cool picture from Hmktsu with all the Bitrise goodness. Thanks for posting this, and hope you enjoy them. 🎁

去年bitriseに関するLTをしたからbitriseからノベルティが届いた!— ハムカツおじさん🤘🎮🥟 (@hmktsu) February 6, 2020

Next up is a tweet by Alvaro Viebrantz, who gave us a shoutout for being user friendly and easy to set up. Glad to hear you’re having fun with the platform, Alvaro.

A gente usa o Bitrise e é bem bacana. É bem amigável e relativamente fácil de configurar.— Alvaro Viebrantz (@alvaroviebrantz) February 6, 2020

We also saw a mention from Gary Churcher, who attended our Flutter Budapest meetup on the 7th of February, and tweeted about how packed and awesome it was. We’re so happy to hear you had a blast, and we hope you’ll be there for the next one as well. 🎉

The #FlutterBudapest meet last night was rammed, and proved to me there are loads of talented developers and great ideas coming out of Hungary. The organisers/hosts @bitrise and Digital Natives were amazing too.— Gary Churcher (@garychurcher) February 7, 2020

The next few tweets come from the Cloud Mobile Test meetup in Tokyo, where our very own Ryuji Owan also presented about Bitrise — and seems to have inspired quite a lot of people to try out the platform, as well as our Writers’ Program (also available in Japanese). We wanted to thank each and every one of you for coming and tweeting about us — hope we get to see you around at our upcoming BUG in March!

#gogobitrise をつけてつぶやこうな!#cloudmobiletest— よここ氏 (@_ykkc) February 7, 2020
bitriseはgitlabにも対応してたので個人的に好きです。#gogobitrise#cloudmobiletest— 🐊 (@alligator_tama) February 7, 2020
BitriseはGUIで簡単に操作できる #cloudmobiletest #gogobitrise— かっくん is typoing... (@fromkk) February 7, 2020
#cloudmobiletest— ちょくじん - iOSアプリエンジニア (@tyokujin_n) February 7, 2020
#cloudmobiletest #gogobitrise— ウホーイ@技術書典8 Day1 え15 (@the_uhooi) February 7, 2020
BitriseはTwitterの反応が確かに速いw#cloudmobiletest#gogobitrise— sada (@sadashi_ota) February 7, 2020
#cloudmobiletest #gogobitrise— ウホーイ@技術書典8 Day1 え15 (@the_uhooi) February 7, 2020
「Bitrise ライター」「Bitrise スピーカー」で検索!#cloudmobiletest $gogobitrise— なかしょ (@nakasho_dev) February 7, 2020

Next are two tweets from Ren, who seemingly also got wind of the Writers’ Program — he wasn’t alone, though! Satoshi Baba also tweeted about how he’s planning to write about us, and we love both of their enthusiasm. We’re looking forward to your articles, folks.

Bitriseの記事書くぞ!!!— ren  (@renchild8) February 7, 2020

- ren名義の名刺を刷る
- Bitriseの記事を書く
#はたらくを自由に のnoteを書く
- 粗大ごみを捨てる— ren  (@renchild8)
February 13, 2020
Bitriseの人だ!って晒しあげるわ。— ばば (@s_baba_0823) February 7, 2020

Bitrise surprise! Elsabé Ros also tweeted about us, and about our swag, no less. That's one heck of a gift pack, Elsabé — hope you enjoy the goodies!

What's better than getting stuff in the mail? Getting stuff that you forgot was in the mail! Finally picked up my #hacktoberfest and @bitrise swag from the post office.— Elsabé Ros (@AesSedai101) February 8, 2020

We also saw a mention from Márton Braum last week, in which mentioned us as his CI/CD tool of choice for his app, Krate. Thanks so much for using Bitrise, Márton — and thanks for the shoutout as well.

Krate 0.4.0 just went live on MavenCentral, and it now ships with support for both reflection and codegen based Moshi serialization into SharedPrefs!

Bonus: CI/CD is now powered fully by
@bitrise, runnings builds, tests, and this very deployment today!— Márton Braun (@zsmb13) February 9, 2020

Our next tweet comes from Yuya, who noticed something strange… one of our cute easter eggs! We’re glad to see you got a kick out of it as well. 😉

Bitrise たんかわいい— 小泉ひやかし⛵️先天性左眼眼球癆 (@nnsnodnb) February 10, 2020

We also saw quite a few tweets about people signing up for our upcoming Tokyo BUG in March, which we absolutely loved to see. We hope to see as many of you over there as possible — and as you can see, our guest speakers are excited, too. See you there, Kazuma!

Guest Speakers are@RoxanaJula, @kazuma_nagano and Masayuki +Bitrise!

We will bring our new swags(新しいノベルティ)!
See you in Tokyo 🇯🇵— Bitrise JPN (@BitriseJ) February 12, 2020

昨年Guest Postしたキャッシュを活かしてのCI高速化の話のアップデートをお話する予定です!— Kazuma Nagano (@kazuma_nagano) February 12, 2020

This one comes from USI, who just recently switched to Bitrise and found it to be a really good tool — and while at it, also translated a little something for our Dev Center! Thank you so much for both the kind words, and the contribution, USI!

でも時間が。。(やるなら言い訳せずに良い本にしよう)— USI (@ussssssssi)
February 14, 2020
初めて翻訳コミットした(ひとまず1ページ)— USI (@ussssssssi) February 15, 2020

Next up is Shailesh Mota, who was just working on some Flutter goodness and gave us a shoutout for being pretty easy to set up. Let us know if we can help in any way, and thanks for using the platform, Shailesh. 🚀

Excited about @FlutterDev. Today I could embedd it in @vestiaireco Android builds. Also, CI integration was easier than expected with @bitrise— Shailesh Mota (@mota_shailesh) February 13, 2020

Last but not least, we wanted to give all of you around Saint Petersburg, Russia, a little heads-up: we’re going to have a Bitrise meetup on the 27th of February, hosted by none other than EPAM — in their own office, no less. If you're around, be sure to drop by and say hi. 👋

That’s it for this one, everyone. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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