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We are a people-first company with huge plans to grow and expand, so professional growth and the culture of learning go hand in hand at Bitrise. Self-development is a basic human need, so continuous learning is the most important part of our culture and an integral pillar of who we are as a company. Let us explain why!

We are a people-first company with huge plans to grow and expand, so professional growth and the culture of learning go hand in hand at Bitrise. Our customers and employees are all around the world working remotely. Self-development is a basic human need, so continuous learning is the most important part of our culture and an integral pillar of who we are as a company. Let us explain why!

“At Bitrise we know our advantage is the strength of our people and their motivation to keep learning”

Vikki Sly, VP of People, UK 

We are a fast-growing start-up - it's exciting, challenging, and tough at times.  We are more than doubling our headcount and are passionate about our customers and making them successful.  To do this we have to keep improving and adapting what we do and how we do it.  Being part of Bitrise means you don't just see the changes, you make them happen!

“We need to step up and move out of our comfort zones to help fix new, and often unpredictable issues that constantly appear. We’re building the plane while we are flying it.”

Barnabas Birmacher, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitrise, Hungary

We hire people with the explicit aim to fully trust their decisions. To make this possible, we hire folks we believe are smart and capable of understanding the challenges around us. We look for people who are energized to create impact and face challenges as we scale and grow.

We create the safe environment that’s needed to experiment, fail, rise, and repeat — for ourselves and each other. We take responsibility for investing in our development and actively help each other learn.

“We play to strengths to win and manage weaknesses not to fail!”

Katie Kenney, VP of Customer Success, US

Bitrise is an excellent place to grow.  The desire to grow comes down to individual choice.  At Bitrise we promise to support, celebrate and recognize each other's growth.  Our Core Values capture this spirit and they are:





“Caring means we drive performance, it means helping others to figure out how to be better.”

Barnabas Birmacher, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitrise, Hungary

Our mission is to scale everyone @ Bitrise, to bring to life a culture where we are all continually learning and able to be at our best. To help support this we created a learning series called Learn.Rise.Repeat.

We believe that learning is a journey and is created by putting people together who want to keep learning. We know that no matter how many years of experience we have or how much we have mastered a skill, we will always keep learning. This is the base of our Learning culture @ Bitrise. 

“We do not wait to be told but act proactively and take responsibility… we enable others to do the same! ”

Timothy Higginson, VP of Legal, US

The growth mindset is the driver. This is a mindset we know that we can cultivate our strengths and learn through effort. It triggers a continual thirst for learning. It is inevitable at Bitrise where we are all on an uncharted path. The willingness to experiment, iterate till you find the right solutions, and the willingness to fail and learn from it is our biggest motivation. 

“There is no place for blaming here, which is great because you are allowed to screw up, own it, and move forward. And that’s the only way you can do it because when we are doing an uncharted path, we are going to make mistakes. So the only thing is to accept them, learn from them, and move forward.”

Michael Roguly,  Enterprise Account Executive, US

“Failure is an opportunity to make something bigger and better.”

Mike Barrera, Customer Success Manager Bitrise, US

We take every opportunity to keep improving, share knowledge, and live our value of helping each other be better.  We believe in sharing, listening, and collaborating.  We know the best collaborations happen when people can be themselves and openly share and together challenge each other to make the best decisions.

“Our strength lies in our differences that make up who we are. By fostering an environment of diverse backgrounds and perspectives and accelerating that with radical candor you create an open and quickly iterative environment that enables us to be at our best”

Alex Kudelka, VP of Sales Bitrise, US

Learning together can boost cross-team collaboration and we love to collaborate even if it's beyond our day-to-day work.  We are lucky and have colleagues in many different countries working remotely together.  This helps us attract great people and ensure we develop diverse viewpoints.  We believe in the power of a team.

“Need to be allowed to fail, be trusted to grow and experiment. Let people do their greatness!”

David Schneidhoffer, Engineering Manager, Hungary 

We aim for all of our colleagues to take charge of their development and invest in their personal growth plans.  We provide a personal training budget to everyone as well as invest in centralized learning programs. The main purpose here is to find a way for us all to achieve our goals.  We aim to create the space and support to make this happen.

Feedback for us is a key way we keep learning. We give and receive it every day, we praise, acknowledge, and help each other be better. We act on feedback and turn it into learning. Being open-minded and direct is a core value we nourish every day. We believe that feedback is a critical resource, which helps each of us grow.  We support by training how to do it well, to maximize the success of it, and ensure that the way we give feedback or listen to feedback helps us to turn it into actions that help us learn. We operate with an open-door policy, even our CEO runs a regular Listening forum where we can share our feedback with him openly and directly.

Whether it is public praise through Slack, Lattice, or 1-to-1  feedback, we do it honestly, directly, timely, and make sure it’s actionable keeping in mind that feedback helps people improve and grow. Feedback enables us to build on our strengths and focus on our improvement areas and on top of it, to reflect and build a realistic development plan. That we all need if we want to grow fast in such a rapidly scaling company. 

“It's really important to remember that for any healthy relationship there needs to be a good balance of positive and constructive. A good rule is 5 positive to 1 constructive whether in personal or professional relationships.”

Vikki Sly, VP of People, UK

We hope you read this and understand our perspective on why building a learning culture is so valuable to building not just a great place to be, but a company that can keep growing and scaling rapidly. Thanks for reading!

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