A beginning of many meetups at Bitrise

This Tuesday marked the day of our very first meetup at the Bitrise office in Budapest. With a fridge full of cold beers, some hot pizza, and delicious quiche, we opened our doors and spent a lovely evening watching the Google I/O keynote talks in the company of some local tech enthusiasts.

We wanted to get more involved with the local tech-community for a while now, which is why we decided to provide an opportunity to watch the talks about mobile development and the latest technological advancements together. The first, and definitely not the last such event was Google I/O. Needless to say, the night was full of interesting conversations fuelled by the exciting news we found out throughout the talks.

But that’s not all that we did on Tuesday — to make things even busier, together with Digital Natives, we co-organized the very first Flutter meetup, taking place at the A66 venue. Our Tooling Engineer, Tamás Papik gave the audience some hands-on advice in his speech about How to get started with your Flutter apps on Bitrise and Muriel Silveira from Digital Natives presented a Flutter live demo. We were really happy with how our first meetup(s) turned out and that we got to know so many of you, so one thing is for sure: you can expect more to come.

So, at our headquarters, not only did we get to socialize, but we also had a look at Google’s new products and platform updates by watching the conference. Organized every year since 2008, the event brings together developers from all around the world for live demos and hands-on learning with experts. These talks are given by engineers who developed the latest APIs and the most mind-blowing new features coming to our phones. While I/O commonly refers to the IT term input/output, in this case, it also stands for the abbreviation of the festival’s slogan, “Innovation in the Open”.

This year, Google put particular emphasis on a number of important issues, such as users’ security and privacy, or driving safely with the help of non-distracting voice-driven navigation system that lets you do everything from taking calls and listening to music, without ever having to leave the map on the screen. They have also come up with features that help people who are deaf or hearing-impaired with a new subtitle option, and a built-in read-out-loud function to tackle illiteracy. The Google Assistant has gone through significant improvements, as well — whether we’re talking about getting seriously faster, or shrinking the storage needed for it from 100 GB to 500 MB, users will surely be pleased.

If you would like to join us at one of our next events, stay tuned! Our next meetups will be announced on our Meetup.com page.

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