2017: Our most awesome year (so far)

2017 has been awesome and busy for Bitrise. We've kept on growing and enhancing what we had and adding new features. We talked a lot with you and your feedback and contributions made Bitrise better, thank you for it! Let's see what happened to us in 2017!

Bitrise 🤖

💯 Bitrise participated in Y Combinator (read about our demo day here) and in July we were glad to announce the closing of our Series A funding round of $3.2 million. It was led by OpenOcean, joined by Y Combinator, Fiedler Capital, and other notable angel investors. (Read the TechCrunch article or our blog post for the rest of the story.)

👕 We launched our referral program with which you can gain extra build minutes on hobby plan and a cool T-shirt.

💪 A much-awaited feature was our organization support which allows users to specify groups and assign them easily to Teams, any member to add apps to the organization, apps can have multiple owners and you can specify billing email address.

👮 We also started to support 2-factor authentication to make Bitrise even more secure.

✨  In addition to iOS, Android, fastlane and Xamarin, Bitrise started to support 3 new platforms officially: Ionic, Cordova, and React Native.

New features

For all platforms

😉 We launched Workflow Editor v2 which can run locally and which looks much cooler and is so much easier to use that you can change any workflow in a blink.

⚡ We restructured our old trigger format in yml and introduced tag triggers. In pull requests, you can specify a source/target branch.

🏎 Our New Cache method and the Recursive Touch step made builds 60% faster.

🚀 We've upgraded our Elite machines: instead of 2 CPUs, you will get 4 CPUs and 8 gigs of RAM for your builds, and now we’re using the same type of on-steroids xServe machines we have for our Standard clusters.


We had a nice bunch of iOS code signing updates:


As for Android, we had two big shots:

  • We invited our users to experiment with x86 emulators and introduced AVD manager step, with which you can test in an Android emulator way faster than ever before.
  • We introduced solid and snappy Virtual Device Testing for Android: you can run Android emulators reliably and get conclusive test results presented in logs, video and screenshots on Bitrise (see the updates too).

New steps 👣

In 2017, 24 new community steps and 24 official steps were added to the Workflow Editor, so overall Bitrise now has 66 community steps and 104 official steps. This tie means that our community is as committed as we are, thanks for it!

✌ Special thanks go to the contributors:

@alexshikov, @cake-build, @codifiedldn, @deanWombourne, @DroidsOnRoids, @emenegro, @ibratoev, @kimdv, @mapletonhillmedia, @munirwanis, @nicolas-fricke, @nodes-android, @platanus, @stefandevo, @tomcurran, @waracle

Talking to you :)

Our team had a busy time supporting our users: they had about 14K new conversations, with 1-hour median first response time in 2017. 94% of these conversations received good or excellent ratings. The tickets had a 9-hour median close time.

In 2017 we launched our Discuss site too to let our community share their knowledge and to provide an open forum for discussion and this way Discuss became the Stackoverflow for Bitrise in a year. 🙂  1.5K new topics were opened by 1.5K users with 8.7K posts and they received 2.4K likes. For your questions asked, we accepted 386 solutions.

And last but not least, this is the 67th blog post this year. I hope that you found some interesting reads on our blog. See you in 2018! 👋

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