The pillars of Mobile DevOps: A webinar series with the Bitrise Engineers

We’re kicking off the new year with a deep dive into Mobile DevOps best practices. Join us for a seven-part webinar series where we hear from Bitrise's Solution Engineers about building and releasing better mobile apps. With over 50 years of combined experience in the mobile space, Bitrise's Solution Engineers will walk you through tips and best practices to showcase how they’ve successfully helped some of the world’s biggest apps.

What can you expect from the series? Check it out.

Part 1: Do more, faster

January 26, 2023

Learn how to reduce wall clock time with massive parallelization and mobile-specific infrastructure. The Bitrise Solution Engineers will talk about what top mobile teams do to succeed, and how to get there through a crawl, walk, run, or fly approach.

Part 2: Going beyond YAML

February 9, 2023

Development teams think that YAML for configuration as code is the pinnacle of best practice. In this session, the Bitrise Solution Engineers will show you how to take it even further with the workflow editor — an abstraction on top of YAML.

Part 3: I like fast builds and compilation

February 23, 2023

Imagine you’re a developer with a manual process that’s broken... or maybe you don’t have to imagine. The Bitrise Solution Engineers will walk through the benefits of a fully automated process (mobile-specific) and how it changes developers' day-to-day life.

Part 4: Test automation blueprint

March 9, 2023

Orchestrating tests and environment for lightning-fast feedback. The Bitrise Solution Engineers will talk about how to orchestrate mobile environments and tests, how Bitrise can make it better, and how to build consistency across the mobile product organization.

Part 5: Infrastructure that contracts and expands at the speed of your business

March 23, 2023

Managing infrastructure at scale is difficult and costly. How do the top mobile teams solving this challenge today? The Bitrise Solution Engineers will discuss infrastructure management, cloud-based CI, and using auto-scaling infrastructure to reduce manual workloads and manage costs.

Part 6: Testing doesn't have to be taxing

April 6, 2023

Testing isn’t as taxing if you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. In this session, the Bitrise Solution Engineers will show you how to identify test flakiness — and then take it even further by optimizing for speed with parallelization.

Part 7: Stop, collaborate, and listen

April 20, 2023

Releasing for mobile is fundamentally different than other platforms. The App Store and Google Play Store make it difficult to release apps with a tight release cycle. In the final webinar of the series, the Bitrise Solution Engineers will talk about the automated release process for mobile and how to reduce manual workloads.

Meet the Engineers

Meet the Bitrise Solution Engineers that will share Mobile DevOps best practices in this webinar series.

Ben Boral - Bitrise - Solutions Engineer

Ben is an expert in the application of successful automation strategies across all stages of the DevOps lifecycle in mobile apps. Originally inspired by the techniques described in Jez Humble’s book, “Continuous Delivery,” Ben has since helped dozens of mobile engineering organizations achieve automation nirvana.

Gen Citro - Enterprise Solutions Consultant for EMEA

Gen started out as a Solutions Engineer in ad-tech specializing in programmatic ad delivery to mobile, video, and web environments.

He spent 10 years at Google first as a business technology consultant and then as a manager of teams across Northern Europe, advising the world’s biggest brands on how to maximize the potential of cloud, SaaS, and Big Data.

Tamas Bazsonyi - Solutions Engineer - Bitrise

Tamas is a member of the Solutions Engineering team at Bitrise and has worked with customers to implement and improve their CI/CD pipelines. During his career, he’s been working as a Full Stack Developer, QA Engineer, and an Android/iOS Developer. Some of his favorite topics are Test Automation and Automation in general.

Nick Sanjines - Solutions Engineer - Bitrise

Nick is passionate about improving developer productivity through build, test, and deploy automation. As a former iOS and Android Developer, he has been able to help many mobile organizations both large and small to mature their automation practice.

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All the webinars in this series tackle ways to improve Mobile DevOps practices, and Bitrise can help. Get in touch with the team at Bitrise to start building better mobile apps today.

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