New integration on board:, the no-code mobile app testing platform

Used by Microsoft, British Telecom, Forrester and many more, is a no-code mobile app testing platform for engineers. Now we have some happy news: the Sofy Upload Step is the newest member of our Verified Step family! 🥳

About the Step

Sofy has their own device farm with hundreds of real devices, so performing manual and automated tests are easy, just as regression testing. It's a no-code automation platform: it means you don’t have to write a single line of code. You can have the cake and eat it too! 

They also have an amazing “Create once and Run Anywhere” AI Test Automation feature: by using it, you only have to set up your tests once, and if you create a new version of your app, the AI will automatically run the same tests without writing a single line of code. Sofy improves productivity of engineering teams by automating tasks of quality and monitoring across the entire development cycle.  How cool is it?! 

To summarize all the awesome features:

  • Test Planning: Setting up release, creating environments
  • Test Development: managing test cases and test data
  • Test Lab: Access to hundreds of real Android and iOS devices for testing
  • Test Execution: Running ad-hoc tests, manual tests, using automated test for UX, UAT, scenario or regression testing
  • Reporting: Automatically report issues into your bug tracking system

As a test engineer, you can benefit from the Step by focusing on what you do best: testing your app by letting Sofy taking care of the setup, environment, device availability, and reporting. Thanks to the newly released Verified Step, all of those features seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD.

“Sofy is a game-changer. We’re able to automate tests within days using their no-code platform and its seamless integration with CI/CD helped us test our builds daily.”

Sachin J, Engineering Manager for Office
Microsoft Corp.

How it works

To use Sofy’s integration, you have to start your 14-day trial first and add the Verified Step to your CI/CD workflow.

Add the Step to your Workflow


Bitrise Verified Steps are official integrations developed and maintained by the service owner. If you'd like to know more about our Verified Step Program and create your Verified Step, read more about it here. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or on our public Slack with your experiences about the Step, or to send us any great ideas that would help mobile devs in their daily tasks.

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