Insights PRO subscriptions now available for all

Insights PRO is better than ever. You can now activate a subscription yourself without the need to contact us first!

What’s Insights PRO?

We released Insights' introductory (free) version in September 2021 to give users some essential visibility into the build performance. The feedback so far has been excellent; we quickly got to 500 weekly active users. The demand has been tremendous, and we leveraged our findings to define the Insights Pro offering we just released.

Insights PRO gives users detailed visibility into their build (down to step level) and test performance, both recent and historical.

Insights PRO provides the following business benefits:

  • Fewer engineering hours are wasted locating and fixing problems in the system.
  • The most impacting bottlenecks can be detected; the team makes significant improvements to delivery time, meaning features can be delivered quicker and at less cost.
  • The team has more confidence in the system's performance; knowing that the builds will catch any issues with their code allows them to move even quicker.

Essentially, Insights PRO helps you find issues in your delivery process (in your builds and tests), and then helps you to pinpoint what’s causing that issue. For example, if build time jumped, you can find out which step is causing that and when the problem started, making it quick to find which two builds you should compare and which step to check in those builds.

Over time, we’ll keep improving and refining how quickly you can identify and solve problems in your delivery process, get notified if the problem would occur again, and report on your progress so you and your team can see how much those improvements helped.

Alright, sounds great, but how does the pricing work?

Based on your feedback, we wanted to have a pricing which is predictable, simple, and aligns with the help and value you get from Insights PRO. We considered many options and finally we settled on the following: Insights PRO costs 200 credits per month per contributor, where a contributor is someone who triggers builds on Bitrise, for example, an engineer who pushes code to a repository which then kicks off a build on Bitrise.

The number of contributors is calculated at every credit cycle for the last month and adjusted automatically based on that. If you have more or fewer contributors at the next subscription credit cycle, the credit price will be automatically adjusted. If you onboarded a new engineer and you now have 6 contributors triggering builds, then Insights PRO will cost 1,200 credits. If a contributor became inactive and did not trigger a build in the last 30 days, then now you only have 4 contributors and Insights PRO will cost 800 credits.

Bitrise customers should note that these are the same as build credits, not a new form of credits. That means, when you have leftover build credits from your monthly bundle, you can apply them towards Insights PRO.

This is all automatic; you don’t have to do anything, the subscription system will automatically adjust based on the past 30 days' activity. At the same time, it’s still predictable. If you have the same number of people and automations committing code which then triggers a build, you’ll pay the same, even if you ran more builds or produced more tests to analyze.

As always feedback is welcome, please let us know what you think so we can improve Insights for you!

Happy building!

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