How to set up a React Native app on Bitrise

Automating React Native apps on Bitrise? Sure thing! Let's see how! 🤖

  1. Log in to Bitrise and click +Add new app on your Dashboard!
  2. Connect your repository from your connected source code provider or add it manually.
Connect your repository
  1. Setup repository access (See DevCenter for detailed explanation!)
Setup repository access
  1. Validation setup: choose a branch for our scanner, this will help automation. How about a cuppa coffee while we are scanning your app? :)
Validation setup
  1. Project build configuration: our scanner will most likely have chosen React Native for your app. Yay! :) Select Scheme name!
Project build configuration
  1. Selected project build configuration: review and Confirm settings!
CSelected project build configuration
  1. Webhook setup: register a Webhook so that Bitrise can automatically start a build every time you push code into your repository.
Webhook setup
  1. Observe your first build! Well done! ✨
Observe your first build!
  1. After your first green build, now you are ready to learn some more about deployment, click on the blue box! For even more info, go to the DevCenter!
Set up deployment to your devices!

Happy coding! 🚀

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