Free Developer Plan features for Open Source Projects on Bitrise

Great news for all Open Source projects owners: all Developer Plan features are now available for free for open source projects. Quick and secure setup and swift builds for your open source apps on Bitrise. Read on for the details.

Great news for all Open Source projects owners: all Developer Plan features are now available for free for open source projects. Quick and secure setup and swift builds for your open source apps on Bitrise.

Bitrise and open source go way back. We don’t just use a lot of open source tools, much of Bitrise is open source: You can poke around in - and contribute to - our step library and CLI runner over at GitHub, for example.

With our massive growth over the last year or so, the number of open source projects that use Bitrise to automate development has skyrocketed. Behind the scenes, we’ve spent the last couple of months making sure that Bitrise is the best possible place for these projects.

Presenting: Bitrise for Public Projects

Based on those efforts and valuable feedback from early beta testers like Duckduckgo, we’re proud to present you with Bitrise for Public Projects.

Given our mobile apps are 100% open-source, it makes sense to have a CI solution which is open-source friendly, and in Bitrise we've found exactly that. Migrating from our old CI solution to Bitrise was definitely the right move for us. - Craig, Android Developer, Duckduckgo

Find Duckduckgo’s open source projects here and use their search here

Bitrise for Public Projects combines a number of new features, specifically tailored to open source projects. Features that will make it easy to share your build page with project contributors, automatically filter out sensitive information and more.

What features can open source projects expect?

By connecting a public project to Bitrise, you will instantly have access to the same features as included in our paid Developer Plan. Unlike the Developer Plan, these features will not be linked to your account but will be associated with the project. This means that each and every new open source project has its own benefits, and these can only be used for the specific project(s).

The benefits for the open source project include:

  • One dedicated concurrency linked to the project;
  • Build times up to 45 minutes;
  • Unlimited number of builds;
  • Unlimited number of team members.
  • Public build pages available without logging in;
  • Public build list available without logging in;
  • Public build logs for easier debugging;

Additionally, we’ve reinforced security for public projects, through features like:

  • Automatic secret filtering from logs;
  • Forced use of secrets for sensitive step inputs;
  • Forced use of secrets for public app pull requests;
  • Ability to delete logs and build’s bitrise.yml

Combined, we feel that these benefits and features will ensure that Bitrise is a safe, comfortable and - most of all - productive place for you to develop your mobile open source projects. It’s our way of giving back to the open source community and we’re confident you’ll use it to build amazing apps in record-time.

Easy and quick setup

Log in to Bitrise and click + Add new app.

choose between public and private

Choose public and click next.

Now you can either choose a repository from a connected source code provider:

choose a repository

Or add it manually:

add repository manually to Bitrise

Note that you can only add a URL starting with https:// as this means that it is a public one. In consequence, no SSH authentication will be needed.

Other things to keep in mind

  • artifacts won’t be seen, VDT reports
  • secrets can’t be turned on for PR for apps
  • status badge takes you to Bitrise (GitHub)

Do you want to know more about Bitrise and open source? Visit the related page on our website and check out our Bitrise repositories over at GitHub. Also, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook or wherever you get your news, cat memes and holiday pictures of people you went to school with.

Happy building! 🚀

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