Enhancing security and compliance for Large Enterprises

Enhancing security and compliance for Large Enterprises

Bitrise is committed to evolving as an enterprise-grade platform that meets the needs of large companies with complex security and compliance requirements. We doubled down on this journey in 2024 with a series of strategic updates designed to provide more granular control and enhanced security features.

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Addressing Enterprise challenges

Large enterprises often face challenges in managing extensive security and compliance requirements across multiple teams and projects. Ensuring secure and streamlined access control, integration, and collaboration can be daunting. That’s why we are addressing these challenges through a series of strategic updates aimed at enhancing protection and regulatory adherence, providing more granular control, and improving overall platform management.

"Managing large teams becomes a job on its own without proper tools and controls. We're all about efficiency and automation so we had to address this." – Dániel Balla, Product Manager at Bitrise

Past enhancements

  • Overhauled collaboration pages: Improved search, filtering, and our user interface to facilitate better collaboration and management.
  • Global access roles for all role types: Introduced global access roles, allowing admins to manage permissions across all projects and workspaces efficiently.
  • Two new roles - Manager and Platform Engineer: Added specific roles to streamline role management and better define responsibilities. See Workspace members and User roles on app teams for more. 
  • Workspace API token: Enhanced security by allowing more controlled access through workspace-level API tokens.
  • New API endpoints for User and Group Management: Enabled custom integrations and automation by providing comprehensive API endpoints for user and group management.
  • SCIM for Okta and Microsoft Entra ID: Integrated SCIM for Okta and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) to streamline user provisioning and de-provisioning, and enhance identity management across platforms.
  • Shared secrets: Implemented shared secrets at the workspace level for seamless use across all projects and enhanced security (management access restricted to Owners and Managers).

Future plans

  • Custom roles: Allow enterprises to define custom roles with specific permissions tailored to their unique needs.
  • Multiple workspaces with centralized ownership: These solutions provide centralized management for organizations with multiple business units, facilitating better resource allocation and control.
  • Workspace-level third-party integrations: Allow configuration at the workspace level to simplify integrations and make it easier to manage tools like Slack and Jira across multiple projects, and across multiple Bitrise products. Hook up the integration once and use it everywhere.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform to meet the complex needs of large enterprises. Visit our public roadmap to see what's coming next, or request the feature your team needs.

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