Cook up the perfect Workflow with Workflow Recipes

Workflow Recipes provide ready-made solutions for common Workflow tasks. To make your life easier, you can find a range of different Recipes along with examples of entire Workflows.

Steps and Workflows are the most important building blocks for… building on Bitrise. Workflows can vary from really simple ones to very complex ones. Ever wondered how others use them? Well, we’ve just added a source of useful knowledge to Bitrise: Workflow Recipes. You can access them via a link in the Workflow Editor (see image above) which will take you to a list of example Workflows curated by our Engineers that you can get inspiration from or simply re-use.

Workflow Recipes is currently an MVP feature, and at the moment, hosted on GitHub. We’d love to hear your feedback and find areas for further improvement. Give them a try and tell us about your experience:
  • What do you think about them?
  • How did you use them?
  • Do you miss something important that we should add to this feature?

You can leave feedback on the survey at the GitHub repo, on our Slack (#workflow-recipes) or Discuss.

How to use them

You can use Workflow Recipes in two ways:

  • By adding the Steps into your Workflow via the Workflow Editor
  • By copy-pasting the bitrise.yml snippet into your app's bitrise.yml file

Adding Steps via the Workflow Editor

Go to your Workflow, click a + sign and it’ll open up the Step Library. Then just follow the step-by-step instructions in the Recipe.

Copy-pasting the bitrise.yml snippet

Go to your Workflow’s bitrise.yml tab (or to your repo where you host your .yml file), and simply copy-paste the snippet to your bitrise.yml file directly from the Recipe. Don't forget to:

  1. Check the formatting of the copy-pasted YAML
  2. Read the instructions as they may contain some important information on configuration
  3. Check and customize the input variables

Please don’t forget to give us feedback!

Happy building!

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