Introducing Bitrise on AWS

Bitrise on AWS is a new integration that brings together the industry-leading Mobile DevOps capabilities of Bitrise with the flexibility and control of your AWS build infrastructure.

This release at a glance:

  • Designed for companies bound by tightening security policies, Bitrise on AWS unites Bitrise Mobile DevOps capabilities with your existing AWS infrastructure.
  • Bitrise on AWS enables you to run CI/CD pipelines on your own AWS infrastructure for proven security and efficient resource utilization.
  • Setting up the Bitrise on AWS is a simple process, easily integrating with your AWS EC2 instances in minutes.
  • Download our comprehensive Bitrise on AWS datasheet to learn more.

Unite Bitrise’s mobile-first CI/CD, release management, and insights with your existing AWS build infrastructure

As organizations grapple with the expanding cloud infrastructures and tightening cloud security policies, the need for integrated solutions has never been greater. For those specifically bound by policies that necessitate consolidation to AWS, we're proud to announce Bitrise on AWS.

Bitrise on AWS offers a comprehensive integration powered by a set of Amazon Machine Images (AMI) to provide a build environment with all the necessary mobile tools and dependencies preinstalled. This seamlessly combines Bitrise's leading Mobile DevOps capabilities with the secure and flexible AWS build environment.

With this release, you can run your Bitrise workflows on your AWS instances, optimizing performance by selecting preferred machine types and regions for specific project needs.

Addressing real-world challenges

In today's fast-paced mobile development landscape, organizations encounter a myriad of challenges surrounding their CI/CD workflows. Concerns over data sovereignty, compliance, virtual machine management, and cumbersome procurement processes can create significant overhead and hinder the agility of development teams. Additionally, because infrastructure consolidation is a focus for many organizations today, they need options to manage their technological footprint.

We understand the need to streamline these complexities and empower teams to focus on innovation and rapid delivery of high-quality mobile applications.

Bitrise on AWS supports macOS and Linux virtual and bare-metal EC2 instances. This delivers several unique advantages:

  • Automatically manages stack and mobile tooling and dependencies (including macOS, Xcode, simulator runtimes, Android SDKs, and more), reducing the engineering burden of maintaining CI environments and increasing organizational efficiency.
  • Maximize your EC2 efficiency for CI workloads by autoscaling instances to match throughput demands. Taking cost-efficiency into account, Bitrise will enable you to run multiple builds per EC2 instance with virtualization, thereby maximizing resource utilization.*
  • Ensure consistent performance with automatic replacement of faulty macOS instances. Bitrise will proactively reboot macOS instances regularly, preventing common service crashes and slowdowns that are known to occur after prolonged use, ensuring a smoother and more reliable CI experience.*

“Bitrise on AWS reflects our commitment to support our customers who are focused on a cloud-native strategy. This integration with AWS aims to simplify CI/CD workflows, reduce maintenance work, and optimize AWS infrastructure costs,” says Balázs Ilsinszki, Bitrise Product Manager.

Streamlined setup

After adding Bitrise on AWS to your Bitrise plan, getting up and running is a straightforward process that takes only minutes. It’s as simple as spinning up EC2 instances with a Bitrise AMI. Then, you can direct your CI/CD workflows to run on this newly-configured AWS instance via the Bitrise Workflow Editor. In-depth documentation is available in our Devcenter.

Get started

If you are a Bitrise customer and you want to leverage Bitrise Mobile DevOps with your AWS infrastructure, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or connect with us to learn more about Bitrise on AWS. You can also download our comprehensive Bitrise on AWS datasheet for more details or check out our Devcenter for implementation steps.

Need to build on-premise? 

We understand that managing an on-premise build infrastructure is a challenge. However, we also recognize that data security and privacy policies sometimes necessitate the use of on-premise setups. That's why we're currently testing the Bitrise Agent for on-premise solutions.

The same Bitrise Agent you run in AWS can also be operated on-premise, giving you complete control over your own machines and virtualization. If you're interested in learning more Bitrise Agent for On-Premise, we'd love to hear from you.

*Autoscaling and machine control available in 2024Q1

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