Bitrise Announces Mobile DevOps Summit 2023

Bitrise is thrilled to announce this year’s Mobile DevOps Virtual Summit — a two-day event that will take place on October 4th and 5th, 2023! This summit is designed to empower mobile app developers, DevOps and mobile engineers, and technology leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving world of Mobile DevOps.

With over 5000 expected registrants from around the world, the Mobile DevOps Summit is an exceptional opportunity to gain invaluable insights and first-hand experience from 50+ industry-leading speakers and 40+ informative sessions that include self-guided workshops, breakout sessions, fireside chats, and panel discussions. You’ll hear from industry experts that will share their experiences, tips, and strategies for building successful Mobile DevOps teams. After the summit, you’ll know how to improve your mobile workflows, increase automation, and reduce time-to-market.

What you will learn

The Mobile DevOps Virtual Summit will explore various components of mobile app development, operations, and optimization. With a focus on Mobile DevOps best practices, the summit will cover the following key areas:

  • Mobile DevOps Best Practices: Discover the most effective strategies to streamline your mobile app development and operations processes.
  • Mobile App Security: Gain invaluable insights into securing your mobile applications and safeguarding user data, privacy, and overall app integrity.
  • Mobile App Testing and Automation: Learn about the latest testing frameworks, automation tools, and techniques to ensure the quality and reliability of your mobile apps.
  • Mobile App Deployment and Monitoring: Explore the best app deployment strategies, continuous integration, and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and proactive monitoring approaches to enhance your app's availability and performance.
  • Mobile App Analytics and Optimization: Dive into the world of mobile app analytics, uncover actionable insights, and optimize your apps for improved user experiences and business outcomes.

Why attend

Attending the Mobile DevOps Virtual Summit offers numerous benefits for mobile app developers, testers, and operators. Here's why you should mark your calendars and secure your spot at this premier event:

  • Real-life examples: With over 50 industry-leading speakers and experts, gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and techniques for Mobile DevOps best practices, and discover how to optimize your development process for maximum efficiency and quality.
  • Learning from peers: Connect with like-minded professionals from around the world, share ideas, experiences, and best practices, and gain a fresh perspective on your work.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: The mobile app development industry is constantly evolving, discover new technologies and approaches that can help you innovate and differentiate your mobile apps from the competition.
  • Improve your ROI: Optimize your development process to improve the ROI of your mobile apps. Gain valuable insights that can help you reduce development time, minimize errors, and maximize the value of your mobile apps.
  • Accessible, free, and convenient: With all sessions taking place online, attending the Mobile DevOps Virtual Summit is convenient, free, and accessible for organizations of all sizes.

You don’t want to miss this! Register for the summit now.

Call for papers: Speak at the Mobile DevOps Summit

Are you interested in speaking at the Mobile DevOps Summit? It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase your expertise to a highly-engaged audience that’s interested in mobile development — and we’d love to hear from you!

We are looking for speakers on Mobile DevOps topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Mobile development and app creation
  • Testing best practices and test automation 
  • Deployment practices and processes
  • Monitoring and measuring performance metrics
  • Developer Experience and AIOps Excellence

To apply to speak at the Mobile DevOps Summit, fill in the application.

Call for papers FAQ

Who can speak at the Mobile DevOps Summit?

We want to hear from individuals who can share experiences and best practices about mobile development. Speakers should share our goal of educating the mobile community to improve the mobile app experience for everyone.

Last year, we heard from individuals at Reddit, HelloFresh, eBay, Instagram, HSBC, The New York Times, Shopify, SoundCloud, Microsoft, and more.

How long should my session be?

Sessions range from 25-55 minutes depending on the session type. The live agenda will cover US and European time zones.

What kind of session can I host?

You can choose from the following session types:

  • Technical Breakout Sessions | 25 mins (solo or co-presented technical deep dives or case study presentations)
  • Fireside Chats | 25 mins (interview-style conversations between a moderator and an expert)
  • Panel Discussions | 45-55 mins (moderated expert discussions on best practices, lessons learned, and other insights with dedicated Q&A provided for the audience) 
  • Hands-on Workshops | 55 mins (in-depth live workshops on tips, tricks, and best practices)

Do I have to present live?

Speakers will have the option to present live or pre-record their sessions. Pre-recorded sessions will be broadcasted at the scheduled date and time and speakers must be online to answer questions live in the chat - or you may go "live" and answer questions after the session has ended. (Please note, workshops cannot be pre-recorded and must be presented live.)

How do I apply to be a speaker at the summit?

To apply to speak at the Mobile DevOps Summit, fill in the application by the 10th of July. We review each submission and will contact you to let you know if your session has been selected.

We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative event — register now, and get ready to unlock the power of Mobile DevOps!

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