4 podcast recommendations for mobile engineers

Podcasts are a great way to learn from industry experts about specific topics. For people in mobile engineering or Mobile DevOps, there are some great tech and developer-geared podcasts available. Here’s a list of four podcast recommendations for mobile developers.

Podcasts are a great way to learn from industry experts about specific topics. The solely audio format is great for learning on the go. For people in mobile engineering or Mobile DevOps, there are some great tech and developer-geared podcasts available. Here’s a list of four podcast recommendations for mobile developers.

1. Developer’s Bakery

The Developer’s Bakery podcast is hosted in London, UK, and is described as “a podcast about Developer tools and libraries.” The host, Nicola Corti, is an Android Infrastructure Engineer that interviews developers in the mobile community. Nicola and his guests talk about things like auto-implementation for apps, dependency injection, containerization, and more.

Who should listen? Engineers who want to hear from engineers to learn more about mobile development, tools, and more.

Episode recommendation: #31 - Dependency Analysis Android Gradle Plugin with Tony Robalik

This episode features Tony Robalik, a Senior Software Engineer that specializes in Gradle. They talk about using Gradle for Android development and Tony’s Dependency Analysis Gradle Plugin.

Check it out here: https://thebakery.dev/31/

2. Merge Conflict

The Merge Conflict podcast is hosted in Seattle, WA, and it is described as a show “on all things development, technology, & more.” It’s hosted by Frank Krueger — an independent mobile developer, and James Montemagno — a Principal Program Manager for Mobile Developer Tools at Microsoft. Frank and James chat every week about everything from mobile development to .NET to APIs and more.

Who should listen? Developers that want to hear great banter about mobile engineering and trends from two people in the mobile community.

Episode recommendation: 298: The Great M1 Conspiracy

In this episode, Frank and James talk about Apple’s M1 silicon chip — specifically about M1, M1 Pro, M1 Ultra, and Apple’s supply chain. They also talk about the M1 rumor mill and the future of M2 chips.

Check it out here: https://www.mergeconflict.fm/298

3. Mobile DevOps is a thing!

Mobile DevOps is a thing! is a podcast that features mobile developers talking about their unique development processes. It is hosted by Nóra Bézi, a content strategist at Bitrise, who interviews experts like John Sundell, Anastasiia Voitova, Antoine van der Lee, or Angie Jones. She talks to her guests about how to release better mobile apps, optimize test automation, master continuous deployment, and more.

Who should listen? Mobile developers who want to learn more about Mobile DevOps, mobile CI/CD, and how to improve app processes.

Episode recommendation: Optimizing release frequency and building a release train with Neo Financial's Sudeep Sidhu

In this episode, Nóra and Russell Stephens, Engineering Manager interview Sudeep Sidhu, a Lead Mobile Developer at Neo Financial, Canada’s biggest neobank. Sudeep talks about how they got from ad-hoc releases to a stable, bi-weekly release train, how they save time thanks to automation, and what challenges they face in fintech.  

Check it out here: https://blog.bitrise.io/post/release-frequency-release-train-podcast-sudeep-sidhu

4. Pivot

The Pivot podcast is hosted by Kara Swisher — Co-founder of Recode, and Scott Galloway — a Professor at NYU. The show offers “unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics.”  Kara and Scott talk about all things tech — from social media to Big Tech to crypto and beyond. 

Who should listen? People who are interested in technology and want to stay up to date on the latest tech trends.

Episode recommendation: Couples, Money, and the Future of Dating App

In this episode of Pivot, Kara and Scott talk about the future of dating apps. They chat with Logan Ury, the Director of Relationship Science at Hinge, about bridging the gap between two-dimensional dating profiles and landing the first date with tactics like voice prompts.

Check it out here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/couples-money-and-the-future-of-dating-apps/id1073226719?i=1000567249177

Listening to podcasts can help you level up your career as a mobile engineer. Understanding development strategies, keeping up with the latest in tech news, and learning about new aspects of mobile technology help you to keep your mobile skills sharp so you can remain competitive as a mobile engineer.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts!

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