Mobile DevOps Assessment 2023

The world’s first Mobile DevOps industry benchmarks from 1,600+ teams. Download the report now to find out what it takes to be a top performer at key stages of the app delivery process.

Mobile DevOps Health Check

Do you have what it takes to be a ‘top performer’? Based on the Mobile DevOps Assessment (MODAS) survey and results from 2022, we created the first, ever mobile health check tool where you can benchmark your Mobile DevOps processes to the industry. Are you ready to find out?

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Report: How to measure and improve your Mobile DevOps Maturity

What is the Mobile DevOps Assessment?

Introducing the Mobile DevOps Assessment metrics


Did you know that top-performing mobile apps take 14 days or fewer to deploy a new scoped feature to the app store, whereas average-performing apps take anywhere from 31 to 90 days?


Did you know hotfixes make up 10% or less of releases when it comes to top-performing mobile apps whereas average-performing ones take 25%+?


How long do you think it takes top-performing mobile app teams to deploy to new versions of their app to an app store? Find out in our report, download it now.


What about how long it takes (when necessary) to release a bug fix after launching a new version of an app? Find out in our report, download it now.

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Top-performing mobile apps

“The easier a tool is to leverage, the easier the developers' job is. We can integrate it with different platforms and use it in a variety of ways. It just works.”

Matt Robinson

iOS Engineer at Reddit

The result of migrating to Bitrise? “An increased number of monthly active users — reaching over 2 million on Android last month — more app downloads, and happier customers.”

Sascha Huth

Android Developer at Wise

“The ability to rapidly create new workflows and add new apps makes the engineers’ day-to-day work much easier. Thanks to having a mobile-specific solution and not needing a dedicated person to maintain the CI, the engineers can focus on what matters: creating new features and functionalities that allow users to gain in-depth insight into their sports activities and health status — from a single dashboard.”

Benoit Goby

Principal Engineer at Tag Heuer

“During the first phase of migrating to Bitrise, we saw a significant, approximately 35%, drop in build times, as well as an immediate improvement in build success rates, which increased to above 95%.”

Andrés Brun Moreno

Engineering Manager at Cabify

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