Bitrise Build Cache for Gradle: A 10x faster Gradle build is one step away

Transform your Android app development with Bitrise's game-changing Remote Build and Test Cache - the first of its kind in the CI industry. Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency - our Remote Build Cache is able to speed up your Android builds by an order of magnitude.

Supercharge your Android projects with Bitrise's powerful caching solution.
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Do more with less

Increase your Android developer team’s velocity with faster CI and local builds.

Retain talent

Improve your Android developer team’s experiences by making tools more responsive and easy to use.

Save money

Eliminate maintenance and support costs. Contain infrastructure costs with our optimized, fully-managed solution.

About Bitrise's Build and Test caching solution for your Gradle build

Bitrise is the first CI provider to deliver a fast and easy-to-use remote build and test cache. In addition to being fully managed, it is infinitely horizontally scalable and co-located with Bitrise CI workers for maximum performance. Moreover, developers will benefit from Bitrise-powered geographically distributed CDN edge nodes, which will speed up their local Gradle builds. Under the hood it’s powered by Flare Build Systems, Inc., which has been recently acquired by Bitrise for its outstanding cache engine performance.

Benchmarks: Bitrise Build Cache For Gradle

In order to benchmark Bitrise Build Cache for Gradle, we simulated standard CI workload by traversing multiple commits in the pocket-casts-android open-source repository and running two workflows on each commit: one workflow built the application with cache, while the other did so without the cache.  Comparing the total build times for these 9 commits, we observed that in total it took 64 minutes without the Bitrise Build Cache and 34 minutes with it, resulting in a 46.67% reduction in total build time! Please note that no optimization to improve hit rate has been made and this reduction was achieved by simply switching the build cache on.

*Numbers illustrated here are case specific and could vary based on feature sets used and % of task outputs that are being cached.

Fully managed SaaS for Gradle builds

As a fully managed product, Bitrise Build Cache provides numerous benefits, with the primary benefit being the elimination of maintenance and support costs. In addition to the scalability and stability of the solution, a SOC2 compliant environment ensures customer data safety.
Fully managed by Bitrise
Secure, SOC2 compliant
Easy to adopt—a “drag and drop” Step solution.
Infinitely and horizontally scalable.
Stable—high availability with SLA guarantees
Always up-to-date with automatic updates

Ultimate Gradle build performance

The Bitrise Build and Test caching solution is heavily optimized for read operations to provide you with maximum speed. Cache nodes and CI build executors are colocated, so network latency is a thing of the past. Bitrise Build Cache is equipped with a powerful LRU algorithm, which maximizes the cache hit rate.
*View "Local Developer Experience" to see how latency is minimized in your local environment.
Advanced Cache Engine
Ingress/Egress costs elimination
Latency elimination
Maximum cache hit rate

Intelligent Cache for your Gradle build

Our Build Cache is powered by an LRU algorithm that ensures the deletion of data when no longer needed—thereby always ensuring an optimally sized cache for your builds.
Zero configuration
Granular cache
LRU eviction policy

Local developer experience

Mobile CI/CD performance is only one aspect of Bitrise's Mobile DevOps platform, which is designed to make mobile development successful. Local developer experience and speed is equally important, so mobile CI/CD caches should also be accessible by them. The Bitrise Build Cache for Gradle can be configured for secure read-only access by local developer machines to cut down local build times as well.
Local cache
Excellent performance for distributed teams

Bitrise vs Other CI Providers: Caching Solutions

The Build and Test cache for the Gradle is not available from any other CI providers.
Build Cache for Gradle
Dependency caching (Key-Value)

Bitrise Build Cache for Gradle vs Gradle Enterprise

How Bitrise stacks up to the Gradle Enterprise offerings.
Gradle Enterprise:
Gradle Enterprise:
Bitrise Build
Fully managed cache nodes
SLA guarantees
99.0% - 99.99% Uptime, depending on support tier
Cache Node Horizontal Scalability
Yes, need to set up manually
Latency, CI builds
Yes, high
Yes, high
Virtually none
Eviction algorithm
CDN for local builds
Cloud costs for Cache node hosting
Cloud costs for Data Transfer

Types of caching solutions from Bitrise

Bitrise offers two types of caching solutions:

Build and test caching

The first of its kind, and 100% managed by Bitrise requiring no setup or maintenance, you can use our out-of-the-box cache Steps to cache your build and test tasks or artifacts at the highest velocity. Our world-class CDN ensures that your cache is stored right next to where it is needed by the machines running those builds, which provides additional speed gains.
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Dependency caching

Dependency caching is used to cache your third-party dependencies. Your workflow runs will save your dependencies for fast reuse so that they need not be downloaded off the internet every time the workflow is run. Bitrise supports preconfigured caching steps for major package managers and generic caching steps that allow you to customize your caching and support any package manager of your choice.
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