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Adrian Lomas
Android Tech lead
Adrian Lomas
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iOS Tech Lead
Adrian Lomas

Meet Wallapop, Spain's favorite marketplace app

“Bitrise has met our needs from day one, saved us a lot of time, and the customer support is awesome."

About the company

Wallapop is the leading platform for buying and selling second-hand products. The free app allows users to earn money selling what they no longer use and find everything they need at a better price. By creating a free marketplace platform based on circular economy and fair trade principles, the company promotes a new way of sustainable consumption.

As of today, Wallapop has over 30 million users, has reached number 1 in the Shopping category, and has been a featured app in the AppStore and Google Play store. They currently have 260 employees, of which 17 engineers work on the iOS app and 19 on Android. Developers are responsible for different stacks, such as web, backend, Android, iOS, and QA. They often work on cross-functional projects, while each team has its own independent and autonomous processes when it comes to building new features.

A platform to support iOS and Android 

At Wallapop, the quality of the app is of utmost importance. Since the company is in constant growth, an easy and reliable CI platform that allows them to keep up with the increased speed while maintaining the quality has been crucial from the beginning. 

Three years ago, the mobile team started shifting from a monolithic app towards working in modules. Around that time, when Apple acquired BuddyBuild, their previous CI platform, they suddenly needed an alternative solution to support both iOS and Android — and that’s when Bitrise came into the picture. By now, both mobile teams own their CI pipelines and Bitrise gives them all the necessary tooling to focus only on the essential parts of their constantly evolving processes.

Access to the latest tooling for end-to-end test coverage

With the help of Bitrise’s mobile-specific integrations and add-ons, they can always access the latest tooling for end-to-end test coverage, whether it comes to reports, UI, unit, or device testing. Not only it allows them to compile and test faster but also helps automate their releases, resulting in an accelerated app development cycle. 

The mobile team loves how Bitrise enables them to easily customize their workflows, add or remove Steps, or create triggers to launch new workflows. The engineers find the platform’s UI very straightforward: they can create their first workflow with built-in Steps in just a few minutes. Besides regularly using fastlane, Cache, Cocoapods, and the Send a Slack message Steps, they also managed to add custom triggers to execute different workflows, as well as their own custom scripts via the Script Step. 

Building a better CI process 

Since they started using Bitrise, the size of the mobile team has doubled and onboarding new team members was simple and straightforward. By now, the two mobile teams run an impressive number of builds — around 3000 every month — across Android and iOS. 

The endless customization options allow them to create workflows and triggers that fit the team’s needs. Moreover, as Adrian Lomas, Android Tech Lead said

“Bitrise provides a powerful CI platform that allows us to focus on what’s important. The easy-to-use interface has given us the possibility to build better processes from the very first day, and the add-ons give us the power to do whatever we want and always keep improving.”

Knowing that they are not breaking anything in their codebase and can continuously deliver the same quality to their users has made them more confident in their releases. In the words of Alberto Moral, iOS Tech Lead

“Bitrise has met our needs from day one, saved us a lot of time, and the customer support is awesome.”

If you’re interested in joining the team behind Spain’s favorite marketplace app, check out their job openings!


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