Bitrise Experts Program

Share your love for Bitrise with others, and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

What is the Experts Program?

The Experts Program is a network of highly skilled professionals from all around the world, with one important thing in common: a shared passion for Bitrise.
The program is designed for existing Bitrise users with months of experience with our platform, multiple builds, and web sessions. Members of the program actively contribute to the Bitrise Community, all the while working with us to make sure our vision stays as close to our users' needs as possible.

What can you do?

If you wish to become a Bitrise Expert, all you need to do is actively contribute to the community in any manner you wish to. Some of the ways you can help other users out include:

Write guides and articles

Share a short recounting of an experience you had, a guide for newcomers, or even a tutorial for setting up a complicated workflow.

Speak at events

Present a quick guide for newcomers, something more advanced, or even showcase what you’re currently working on at one of our many speaking opportunities.

Create Steps for the platform

Enrich the platform with your own ideas by contributing to the Bitrise Step library with a Step of your own.

Be an active member of our forum

Join the Bitrise community on our dedicated Discuss forum, where you can converse with others and help them out with their questions.

Advocate the use of Bitrise for others

Bring Bitrise with you, wherever you are, whether it’s a new workspace or a new community that you just joined.

Build an awesome Bitrise community with us

Become a regular in the community by engaging with us on social platforms, during events, webinars, and everywhere else.

Why join?

So, you’re ready to join the ranks of one of the best Experts programs out there? Great! As a member, you’ll get access to:

Swag unique to the Experts Program
Exclusive discounts for your Bitrise account
Constant support from our team members
First-hand, early news about the platform, its features, and releases
Shoutouts and presence on our website and socials as an official Bitrise Experts
Access to help with creating written content
Invites to online speaking opportunities
Invites to in-house webinars and user conferences
… and more!

Become a Bitrise Expert today

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