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At Bitrise we work in a silo-less environment collaborating together towards a common goal.

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Why will you love working at Bitrise?

At Bitrise, we all work toward a common goal. The mission is clear for everyone: being the go-to solution for mobile DevOps teams. And to reach this goal, we get all the resources, trust, independence, and responsibility.


Our part of the deal: great culture, a piece of the Bitrise cake, and more.

At Bitrise we are co-owners, not only colleagues

We provide stock options to all employees. A share in a company is like a slice of a cake: stock options help everybody feel ownership.

We truly care for each other

Our physical and mental well-being comes first. Our Corporate Health Insurance Package helps support our overall health to be able to be on top of our game, do meaningful work, and help each other grow.

Travel opportunities, company retreats worldwide

Our community is growing fast and we want to keep up the spirit, so when we meet we definitely have fun. We take our work seriously but not ourselves. (Pre-Covid we attended conferences and visited customers all around the world too.)

We are a remote first company

People at Bitrise can work from wherever they want. Currently we all work remotely but our offices will function as community hubs as soon as possible.

Learning opportunities & growth

Our mission is to unleash talent by maximizing talent impact. We want to inspire Bitrisers to go above and beyond, thus we offer free leadership program and learning management system to support each individual at Bitrise in their learning journey to accelerate their career and be successful.

We have lots of fun

Our community is growing fast and we want to keep up the spirit. We want to create a workplace where we have fun together and everyone is happy to come in every morning. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.

Our values

These are the pillars of our everyday life at Bitrise and lead us on our journey.
Find out more about the company, our mission and our story.

We move with urgency and focus

We work in close collaboration, react quickly, iterate often, and aim to find practical solutions based on real data.

We are direct and open minded

We give and receive recognition and feedback, often and directly. Instead of focusing on the mistakes, we find a way to learn from them.

We care

People come first. We listen to our customers and employees, and ask questions to better understand their needs and to help them be successful.

We help each other be better

We believe the best way to work is by working together in a diverse team, collaborating with each other and inspiring each other to be the best ourselves.

Our culture, in practice

See how the values above get translated into real life at Bitrise.

Freedom, ownership & empowerment

Hierarchies mean very little here and most people work across functional boundaries. It provides a lot of opportunities and freedom to drive change collaboratively even at an organisational level. Everyone's (even the founders') doors are open to discuss, improve, challenge and finesse ideas and improvements that can drive the organisation forward.

Laksh Ranganathan

Product Operations Director
United Kingdom

Honest feedback, help & support

One of our core values is that we care and we help each other, and this is what we can see everyday here at Bitrise. Each of us is treated fairly, based on our performance, and the feedback culture is very important. What I love about Bitrise is that when I ask someone for help they are always available and they always try to help me at their best.

Anna Alexi

Senior Digital Marketer

Our culture is based on collaboration.

We believe in recognition and in collective genius: 1+1 people can equal 5 if you work in a great team. We invest into a culture, in which people can inspire each other every day.

Barnabás Birmacher


Experiment. Fail. Iterate. Rise. Repeat.

There is no place for blaming here, which is great because you are allowed to screw up, own it and move forward. And that’s the only way you can do it because when we are doing an uncharted path, you are going to make mistakes. So the only thing is to accept them, learn from them and move forward.

Michael Roguly

Strategic Partner Director

And we have a great product!

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