Xcode 15 is coming: Test on Edge before September

We urge users not on private or dedicated plans to test their builds on Xcode 15 with the Edge stacks before September, 2023.

Bitrise stacks, equipped with essential pre-installed tools, ensure smooth workflows and builds. But tool versions evolve, with older ones becoming obsolete and newer ones introducing fresh features and potential changes. Unanticipated or inconsistent stack updates however, can lead to workflow disruptions and unexpected obstacles which take time away from what you love to do the most - code. To help navigate these challenges, especially with the forthcoming introduction of Apple’s Xcode 15 in September, we've revised our stack policy and launched new stack states, including the Edge stack.

What exactly is the Edge stack?

Our stacks progress through a lifecycle consisting of four stages: Edge, Stable, Frozen, and Removed. The Edge stack, the first stage, gives users a glimpse of upcoming versions and alterations, serving as a testing ground for your workflows before they reach the Stable or Frozen state.

Testing on Edge stacks empowers you to foresee potential breakages and strategize preventive measures. Regularly updated, Edge stacks incorporate the latest stable and beta Xcode releases, the most recent stable versions of pre-installed tools, and updates to the dependency manager cache. Currently our Edge stack supports Xcode 15 and Xcode 14.3.

We highly recommend our non-private/dedicated plan users to experiment with tool version changes and access the most recent pre-release of Xcode on our Edge stacks before September, 2023. However, if your workflows are dependent on a specific tool version that changes between Stable and Edge stacks, workflow adjustments will be necessary.

Why test your builds on Edge stacks now?

User expectations vary regarding when and how stacks are updated with the latest tools. While some users prioritize stability over change, others eagerly adopt the latest releases. Despite these differences, all users share a common goal: avoiding workflow disruptions. Starting September, those who have not made the transition may face workflow disruptions. Hence, we strongly suggest initiating manual builds for testing and kickstarting the migration process on the Edge stacks now, to prevent potential workflow breaks.

For more information, please check out our stack update and stack deprecation policies.

Migrate early, test Xcode 15 on the Edge stack, and initiate manual builds. If you encounter any difficulties, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist.

Note: Edge stack receives weekly tool upgrades and natural application of security patches.

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