The road to Bitrise: An interview with Jens Stöckel

We are talented, we are innovators, and nothing is impossible at Bitrise! Meet Jens from Germany (but has been living in Ireland for 11 years).  Read about his journey to Bitrise, what he’s achieved, and his most defining career moments. 

Why did you choose to work at Bitrise?

After leaving New Relic in 2021, I wasn’t aware of how much I would miss working with DevOps, Engineers, and very technical people. My work at Medallia made me realize that I miss the field, the meaningful work with a solution that truly helps people create better applications. When I was looking at my next gig, I knew I would like to go back into that field. I actually had a very decent lineup with some very hot names out there that were looking to hire me, but I chose Bitrise. 

Bitrise ticked a couple of very important boxes for me: a) it needed to have outstanding software that is loved by its users, b) it needed to be a pre-IPO company as I have worked for multiple post-IPO companies before, c) it needed to have a team that I believed could deliver and make the company a success, d) I don’t like being a number and I love to put my stamp on everything that I do. I chose Bitrise because I believe that’s what they’re all about. 

What’s your role at Bitrise? How does your role contribute to your wider career journey and provide opportunities for the future?

I have been hired as the Regional Sales Manager for the DACH region and I’ve already been promoted to look after the CEE region as well. And despite my title indicating that  I am actually managing a team — I am pretty much walking the walk, executing the account executive work, and living & breathing the vision of where DACH & CEE will be in the future at Bitrise. The biggest challenge and learning at Bitrise is the fact that we are moving fast every single day. I have learned a ton in regard to the difference between a real start-up and a corporation since I joined. 

What was the lesson that you learned along the way, that you wish you had known right from the start?

My peers at Bitrise hold a lot of knowledge and information, and they know where to find any data that I’m looking for. I make sure to ask them questions and learn every day because my personal learning here is that it’s very important to talk to your peers. If there is one regret, it would be not knowing all the little secrets and important data points from the start. 

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with aspiring Bit-risers?

If you are looking for a company that enables you to bring all of your skills and knowledge to the table from Day 1 — Bitrise is your place. If you are looking for a job that never stops challenging yourself — Bitrise is your best bet. Besides that, come like a sponge - there is plenty to learn. And best of all, learning will never stop; we are hungry to learn more every day, and we aren’t afraid of failing. 

​​What kind of skills do you need to have to work effectively at Bitrise?

I think to be successful at Bitrise you need to care. Bitrise is a special place and you will see everyone throwing all of themselves into their jobs to make things work. Another thing is being connected — at Bitrise, you need to be able to connect with your peers all across the globe. We are operating as one team - one score, and that requires that we are all aligned under one mission. Lastly, we are all passionate about our work at Bitrise, and we truly love what we are doing — always be willing to go the extra mile.

What’s your favorite method of learning?

I am a huge fan of a learning organization where you get to learn every day. So to ask me what my favourite method of learning is — is simply impossible to answer. As I love any kind of learning: by reading, by doing, failing, through others, videos, webinars, in class. I truly believe that we are never done learning. 

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